7 Titles To Binge On Netflix

Midterm season is over, and we all know what that means…a Netflix binge is definitely in order! You deserve it after all of the studying and stress! In case you haven’t got things lined up here are a few of the things I’ve been watching lately.

1. The Walking Dead

If you haven’t seen it yet (or even if you have), you definitely need to check this show out! It’s great if you love suspense and action. There are eight seasons up on Netflix and each episode is at least 30 minutes, some of them are even longer. However, it is pretty gory so if that’s not your thing you might want to skip this one.

2. The Umbrella Academy

This series, based off of the comic books created by Gerard Way, quickly became one of my favorites. It’s been getting a lot of hype and it definitely deserves all of it. The show follows seven adopted siblings who happen to have a variety of superpowers. There’s a lot of action and comedy and it’ll feel you in pretty quickly. The only downside is there’s just one season so far. But my boy Klaus more than makes up for that with his witty quips throughout the series.

3. New Girl

The series has been out for a while too, but if you haven’t seen it you’re definitely missing out. The show follows a quirky woman named Jess as she becomes the new roommate and eventually friend to three guys. It’s funny and full of heartwarming moments, plus there are six seasons up on Netflix!

4. The Great British Baking Show

Not the type of show you think of when you’re thinking of binge-watching something but the show is seriously addictive. I don’t know if it’s the British humor or the yummy treats but I definitely keep coming back for seconds. What’s even better is each episode is about an hour and there are six seasons on Netflix. And that’s not even counting the various spin-offs they have available!

5. The Good Place

This show is funny and a really easy watch. I blew through both seasons in a weekend. It’s a cute concept and has some real fun scenes as well as some major plot twists that add to it all.

6. Maniac

This series also only has one season, but it’s so good it doesn’t really need anything else. It’s definitely something that could have been a movie plot but it’s just so good they couldn’t cut anything out and just made it into a series. It has action and comedy as well as suspense and mystery. It’s definitely worth a watch.

7. Abducted in Plain Sight

This one is a documentary rather than a series, but it was just so...interesting I had to share it. This documentary is about a true story, I can’t give it away but just about every other minute you’re going to be yelling at your TV because of some new plot twist. This one was really wild. All I could say after was just wow.

Now that you’ve gotten my recommendations, grab a few fellow collegiettes and binge to your heart's content!