7 Struggles When You’re a Student Who’s Constantly Working

College is supposed to be the best time of your life, right? For some students, classes are only a small portion of everyday life. Whether it’s a paid retail job, a research assistant role or unpaid internship, working consumes a large chunk of your time.

You basically live in your car

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The floor of your car is probably covered in trash from the breakfast, lunch and dinner you scarfed down between classes and breaks.  

You always feel like you’re missing out

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There’s nothing worse than seeing your friends go out and have fun without you all because all you do is work.


People quit inviting you out because they assume you’re working

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I don’t work ~all the time~ so an invite to hang out would be nice.


You’re always tired when you’re off work

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Naps are a blessing, but sleeping for 14+ hours is a slice of heaven.

You forgot how to wear normal clothes

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I always imagined what it was like to wear a uniform to school when I was younger. Any day you’re not wearing dress clothes or a uniform leaves you completely unsure of what to wear. On the other hand, getting home to put on an oversized tee shirt and leggings is the best feeling in the world.


You study at odd hours

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Sometimes you just have to make it work. Whether it’s ten minutes on your lunch break or getting up at 4 am to finish an assignment, you’ve become flexible in your study routine.


People think you always have money to spend

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I may work 40+ hours a week but my money goes towards gas, food and tuition so no... I’m not rich. I’m frugal and responsible with my bank account.  

Let’s get this bread, collegiettes!