7 Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mother

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, between thinking up gift ideas and coming up with the perfect way to celebrate despite stay at home orders, we’ve all had lots of time to reflect and reminisce on our relationships with our mothers. If you’re anything like me, you often say or do something and immediately think “that wasn’t even me, that was my mother”. Sound familiar? Here are 7 signs that you’re turning into your mom:

1. You show up to find you’re wearing the exact same outfit.

Or at least the same color scheme. One of us is gonna have to change!

2. Her habits have become your habits.

Seriously. Thanks for the caffeine addiction, Mom!

3. You know exactly what she would tell you in certain situations.

You’ve heard her advice so many times that you don’t even have to ask anymore. 

4. Family and friends tell you all the time how similar your personalities are.

Everyone notices that we have the same sense of humor and are way too sarcastic. 

5. You finally understand the value of a nap. 

As a kid, I never understood why an adult would want to take a nap. Now I know it was definitely exhausting raising me and my siblings. 

6. You’ve adopted her slang into your vocabulary.

Sometimes it just slips out before you even realize it. 

7. You both consider each other your best friend! 

I wouldn’t want to be turning into anyone else!