7 Signs You’re a Coffee Addict

Let's be real here, coffee is a necessity of life.

1. The amount of money you spend on coffee is ridiculous.

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Starbucks already sucks up all your money, but when Pumpkin Spice season hits… FORGET IT! Might as well get a second job to fuel your addiction.

2. You either have a headache or are extremely irritable around 10am if you haven’t had your first cup.

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Your friends, family and coworkers have all learned the hard way to avoid conversation until you’ve had your coffee

3. Need to study? Coffee shop. Want to hang with friends? Coffee shop. First date? Coffee shop. You pretty much live there.

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The barista probably knows your name and order by heart. When your friends need you, the first place they look is the nearest coffee shop.

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4. You have said, “Give me an IV of coffee” out loud and in public with no shame.

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We are all Lorelai Gilmore. Coffee is the one and only lifeline.

5. You try to cure a bad or unproductive day with another cup.

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If crawling back into bed with Netflix is not an option, coffee is the second best thing.

6. And it works for a little while because that first sip is orgasmic.

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It’s a truly magical experience. Anyone who tells you they don’t like coffee is seriously missing out on that rush of oxytocin.

7. When you have a cup in your hand, you feel like you can conquer the world!

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It’s like you have the power of God in your hands. Go forth and move mountains!