7 Reasons to Celebrate GALentine’s Day and Female Friendships

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What is Galentine’s day you ask? Leslie Knope has the answer.Via Giphy

Sisters before misters. Friends before mens. You know, the Girl Code. Here are the reasons to celebrate your gal pals according to Leslie Knope and Parks and Recreation. Via Giphy

1. They tell it like it is

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Girlfriends are honest, sometimes brutally honest, but they always have your best interests at heart. From whether my clothes match to if the email to my boss has typos, I rely on my friends to call out my mistakes on a daily basis.

2. But also give the best compliments

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Female friends always know exactly what to say and when to say it in order to boost your mood. They give the best pep talks before interviews and presentations, reminding me of my warrior qualities. And WOW, all of us piling into the dressing room probably radiates positive energy throughout the whole mall. We even compliment strangers and convince them to buy that bold dress.  

3. They will always make sure you are okay

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“If anybody is vulnerable, we are all vulnerable... so we really have to look out for each other." -Kerry Washington. I believe this is truly something unique and so special about female friendships, an unspoken rule to never allow your friend to worry or wallow alone. Nothing makes my day more than “You got this!” texts or “Reasons I love you” pick-me-up notes.

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4. They make the best wing(wo)men

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They usually can spot your match quicker than you, and are (almost) always way less awkward than you at introductions. I mean, come on, how many times have you turned your screen to your gal pal and let them choose right or left?

5. You’ve been mistaken for a couple so many times, it’s not even weird anymore

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Use Galentine’s Day to go to that one date spot you’ve been wanting to try but that your significant other just isn’t feeling. And when the waiter assumes you are a couple, just roll with it and get the Valentine’s dessert special to share.

6. They embrace all your quirks

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Best friends often tend to overshare, but that’s what makes things so exciting. My friends have actually received these texts: “I got way too deep and stalked ______ on every social media platform plus all his cousins.” “I forgot to put on deodorant.” “So if we are both still single at 40, we should buy a house together and adopt a couple of kids and a few dogs. Our Christmas card would be so cute!” And guess what? These girls are still my friends! It’s a miracle, really.

7. Gal Pals really are the center of the universe

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Significant others can come can go, but gal pals are for life. Even long-distance can’t break a strong female friendship, and makes reunions that much sweeter. My gal pals motivate me to get up every day and remind me to go to sleep at a reasonable hour every night. They literally are the reason why I continue to function and remain (somewhat) sane on a daily basis.

So, thanks Leslie for Galentine’s Day, and thanks gal pals for guiding me through life.

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