7 Mason Dining Hall Hacks to Survive the Last Few Weeks


Photo Courtesy of Kelsey Courville

With spring semester coming to a close comes great responsibilities and stress. If there was ever a time to be fed good food, it’s now. Unfortunately, the end of the semester also means the dining halls on campus start caring a little less. If you eat at Southside and Ike’s then you’re probably over eating the same grilled cheese sandwiches and grilled chicken every day. Here are some hacks to make your meal experiences a little better for the next few weeks.  

1. Grilled chicken salad

 If you’re tired of the default grilled chicken, mix it up - literally. Make a salad at the salad bar, cut the chicken into pieces, and add it in. It’s no Panera caesar salad, but it’ll do.

2. Root Beer Float

It’s always a gamble if the ice cream machine is working, but here’s hoping it is! Get some root beer, add some vanilla ice cream and voilà! Your tasty dessert beverage is ready for you.

3. Ice Cream Sundae

 Get one of the little chocolate brownies they always serve, put some ice cream on it, and add the some chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. You day will be a little sweeter.

4. Mashed potato casserole

When they have the mashed potatoes, add some chicken and bacon to make a yummy casserole.

5. Japanese egg rice bowl

If they have rice, add the boiled egg whites to it. Add a spoonful of barbecue sauce just to get it flavory. Who knew you could have such a luxurious meal at a dining hall?

6. Banana Split

Pretty simple, but it doesn’t seem to be too common so you’ll look really innovative. Get a banana, put it over vanilla ice cream, and you’ve got a banana split. If only Southside served rum then you could make yourself a Banana Foster.

7. Bbq chicken panini 

Miss the bbq chicken flatbread from Panera? You can recreate it! Just make a panini, add chicken and barbecue sauce and whatever else you want, like lettuce or tomato.

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Courville