7 Artists You Should Follow on Instagram During Quarantine

In a time when bad news has become overwhelming and all-consuming, it is important to remember to let some positivity into your life. So now is the perfect time to ditch those social media accounts that make you feel bad about yourself, spread false information or only focus on the negatives, and replace them with some (or all) of the accounts in this list. 

1. Morgan Harper Nichols - @morganharpernichols

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist and poet whose work is inspired by real-life interactions and stories. She started out as a college admissions counselor and then a full-time touring singer and songwriter. It was her time on the road that inspired her to take her passions for design and writing online, and in 2017 she started a project that invites people to submit their stories to her website. Out of those stories bloom beautiful pieces of mixed-media art. Scrolling through her page is a breath of fresh air, pastel colors and poignant stories. Morgan also has an app that lets you sign up for daily inspirational reminders and a store where she sells everything from stickers to home decor. 

2. Mari Andrew - @bymariandrew

After going through loss and grief in 2016, Mari, a writer at heart, found new joy in illustration. She set a goal to make one drawing a day for a year and put the work on Instagram to keep herself accountable. What started as just an account followed by friends and family, quickly grew to one with over a million followers. With a mix of watercolor and relatability, Mari’s posts will tug at your heartstrings. And right now, she’s doing a series called “Love Notes to NYC,” an ode to her home in the midst of this pandemic. Mari also released a book in 2018 and a guided workbook in 2019 if you can’t get enough of her content. 

3. Ryan Pernofski - @ryanpernofski

Inspired by his passion for surfing, Australian native Ryan Pernofski captures the breathtaking beauty of his aquatic surroundings, sometimes even on his iPhone. Ryan incorporates dreamy music into his videos, which makes them simply intoxicating. You can spend hours scrolling through his feed of stunning sunsets and crashing waves, and come out of it feeling a hundred times more relaxed than before. In addition to his Instagram, Ryan also has a YouTube channel with full-length versions of his artful videos. His store is full of gorgeous prints, tapestries, phone cases and more. 

4. Chanel Miller - @chanelmillerknowmyname

For years, the world knew her only as Emily Doe: survivor in the Brock Turner case. But in 2019, Chanel Miller reclaimed her identity to tell her story in her powerful memoir “Know My Name.” But on top of her skill for compelling words and turns of phrases, Chanel is also a gifted artist. Her Instagram features her quirky drawing style and relatable stories. From comparing shame to a stinky root to giving advice on being courageous, Chanel’s page will have you feeling all the feels.  

5. Olivia Gatwood - @oliviagatwood

Writer Olivia Gatwood has received national recognition for her poetry, writing workshops and work as a Title IX Compliance educator in sexual assault prevention and recovery.  She is a full-time touring artist and has performed internationally at over two hundred schools and universities. While her main page may not feature a lot of her work, her newest project @girlsofisolation is stunning. The page compiles images of girls around the world in quarantine that reflect “how they see themselves, how they want to be seen, and their relationship to their space.” There is an entrancing essence of poetry in every collage of images and the soothing black and white feed is emotionally potent. 

6. Amanda Oleander - @amandaoleander

Amanda Oleander, an LA-based contemporary fine artist, mixes fine art, technology, performance art and commercial work into her adorable illustrations. Her quirky, unconventional illustrations of love behind closed doors can bring smiles to even the most single people out there. But Amanda doesn’t just illustrate romantic love. She also depicts other types of love like from our pets, friends, family and ourselves. In a feed full of relatability, beautiful colors and a delightful attention to detail, everybody will be able to find a bit of joy.  

7. NPR Music - @nprmusic

A page full of the coolest music artists run by the coolest public news station? Yes, please. Quarantine can get boring without some good tunes, so if you’re in search of new artist recommendations, NPR Music is the place to go. And while coronavirus has forced the cancellation of Tiny Desk concerts, you can enjoy some at-home concerts from your new favorite singers. So for the love of music, follow this page.