5 Tips for a Long Flight by Yourself

Plane rides can be rough, especially when you’re traveling for longer durations and have connecting flights. During the holidays, a lot of us students travel back and forth to a lot of places. I myself have spent over 100 hours in the air because I travel to India and it is a 24-hour journey in total. Here are some tips that to help make these long fights a little better!

1. Make sure you have downloaded movies and TV shows

Although most planes have movies available to screen, these movies are seasonal or you’ve probably already seen some of them. I recommend downloading movies or renting them so you can watch them offline. That way, you can watch something that you’re actually looking forward to watching and that can make time go by faster. I personally download TV shows so I can binge-watch episodes in one sitting!

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2. Invest in a good travel pillow

The only thing worse than being on a 14-hour plane journey is not being comfortable. I recommend investing in a memory foam travel pillow that makes it more comfortable for you to sleep. Sleeping makes the time go by faster and a comfy pillow really helps.

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3. Make friends with the person sitting beside you

If you’re traveling during the break season, the chances of sitting next to another student are pretty high. I have met students from different universities on a long flight back home and it made the journey more bearable.


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4. Stock up on snacks

If you’re on a 10 hour flight and flying through many time zones, chances are you’ll be hungry at odd hours. I always make sure to pack my favorite snacks like mini Oreos, Twix or even Cheetos to binge on. This one time, I even got some tortilla chips from the airports Chipotle to snack on!  


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5. Assemble a little pouch that you can keep in front of you

This is probably the greatest tip I can leave you with. Put together a small pouch containing essentials that you’ll need during the flight like chapstick, earphones, your contact lens case, medicine, your phone charger, reading glasses and even your passport for safe keeping. I’ve found that it’s super convenient to have all these items in a pouch that you can place in front of you and have easy access to.

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Collegiettes, getting on a long flight can be stressful but with these tips, you’ll be more comfortable and prepared. I also spend long flights back to school after break, reflecting on the goals that I want to achieve the coming semester. I wish you a safe flight ahead and good luck with your spring semester.


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