21 Things to Do When You Turn 21

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The day you’ve been waiting for has finally come around: your 21st birthday. But, what’s your 21st birthday without some shenanigans? Here are 21 things you should do when you turn 21.

1. Take a picture buying alcohol for the first time

2. Buy a drink at midnight of your birthday

And don’t pay for it.

3. Have a stranger buy you a drink

Who doesn’t love free alcohol on their birthday?

4. Find someone with the same birthday and have a birthday drink together

5. Make a drink behind the bar

6. Get someone to give you a piggyback ride into the bar

7. Call the 21st person in your contacts and invite them out

8. Take a birthday cake shot

9. Take a shot with no hands

10. Pop a bottle of champagne

We pop champagne cause we got that dough.

11. Take photos with 21 strangers

12. Dance on a table

13. Collect $21 dollars from people at the bar

14. Pour your own beer

You know you’ve always wanted to pour your own Blue Moon.

15. Make a toast

You’ve been waiting for this classy moment your whole life.

16. Sing karaoke to your favorite song

17. Go to a theme or pop-up bar

18. Give your phone number to a stranger


19. And collect 21 phone numbers

20. Get the DJ to give you a shoutout

21. Go on a bar crawl

What’s better than bar hopping in big groups and great deals?

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