17 Signs You’re Hispanic

1. Family is everything.

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2. And speaking of family, yours is always ALWAYS running late.

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3. Your abuelita is the most important member of your family.

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And for good reason- she keeps everyone in your family together.

4. You and your family tend to be a little overdramatic.

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5. Prime example of #4: La chancla. 

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6. If you get sick, your family insists it’s because you walked around the house barefoot.

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7. Or slept with wet hair. 

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Even if that was the reason we got sick, we don’t need to be told “Te lo dije” over and over again.

8. And if you are sick, there’s only one cure for all your ailments: Vicks VaporRub.

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Head cold? “Vi Vaporrú.” Congestion? “Vi Vaporrú.” Came down with The Plague? “Vi Vaporrú.”

9. Christmas is celebrated on December 24 AND December 25. 

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Double the food. Double the drinks. 

10. The kitchen *always* smells good.

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And arroz y frijoles are always in the fridge. 

11. Eating caldo, even when it’s summer.

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12. Your mom waking you and your siblings up early on Saturday mornings to clean the house.

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Waking up to the sound of blasting Latin music is slightly triggering, TBH.

13. And when you clean the house, you pretty much always use this:

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Purple Fabuloso is the best Fabuloso.

14. Having to kiss everyone you meet, even if you have no idea who they are.  

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15. Oh, and did I mention that family is everything?

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16. You’re thankful for every aspect of your Hispanic heritage.

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17. Except for the chancla.

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