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Why Celebrity Beef Reels Us In Every Time

For as long as celebrities have been sharing the spotlight there have been unavoidable feuds. Alliances and rivalries within Hollywood used to be clearly defined by the newspaper headlines. But it’s 2015, so the old Hollywood rules have changed including the tools used for the next imfamous celebrity feud. There are three sides to every story, his side, her side and the tweets! 

You can’t hide from your followers: Social media has made it easier than ever for us to watch celebrities stoop to our level, and many times even lower. There’s no censoring when snarky responses are confined to 140 characters and posted instaneously. The celebrities can try and delete what they tweet, but once something is posted you can guarantee it has been screenshotted, quoted for the next magazine article, and already causing an uproar across the twitter-sphere.

They’re hot tempered too: Actresses, rappers, and millionaires get wrapped up in beef and all take verbal shots from time to time. Although their managers probably wish otherwise, celebrities have proved that they are not above broadcasting their shortcomings. They’re ruthless, especially when their street cred is at risk. They’re not above dropping information about their opposition to shock all of the onlookers.

It’s cute they think they’re sly: When an event happens that’s big enough, no names even have to be mentioned, it can be a general statement, but everyone will know exactly what and whom they are referring to. Perhaps it’s considered taking the high road by not speaking names but all it takes is a smirk or an extended pause of silence in an interview to signal the next battle. We all know, indirect is never really indirect.

It’s only February and there’s already been the huge (and harsh) blowout betwen the Kardashians and Amber Rose, but we’re not complaining,  here’s to a year of all the shade still yet to be thrown!

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