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Tinder, the dating app, is something we’ve all come to experience at least once since coming to college. It’s a great for quick hookups, like that cute guy from Stat 250 that you now have to avoid for the rest of the semester because you both just awkwardly stopped talking. Tinder is also great finding new friends to hang out with or just wasting time in the line at Chick-fil-a. After using the app on and off for the past year, I began to notice some common trends of many profiles. So here are 7 types of guys you see on Tinder.


1. The Fisherman

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Why are you holding a fish? In what way would you think any girl, at least in NOVA, would find that attractive? “Ah yes, he has a huge fish in his hand. This is the one I want in my bed.” If you go to GMU there’s a good chance the fish won’t work on her bud.

2. Prince Charming

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These are the “really pretty,” “too good to be true,” “I used professional lighting in this one photo” type of guy.  All his photos are in aesthetically pleasing places, possibly shirtless, one with one his best buds and maybe one is a really well-taken selfie that took him at least seven tries. Also, their bio is something cheesy like “I just need a travel buddy.” We know what you’re thinking “Wait, what do you mean?” Look, super pretty guys are either catfishing you or they are going to ruin your life. Trust me.

3. Headless Horseman

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Like, how do I know if you have a face or not? Why is it just your abs in these photos? What was your thought process before you were uploading them? It’s clear what you’re looking for on the app, but where is your face? Like, that’s great that you have nice abs but all I’m thinking is you’re half animal or something.

4. Where’s Waldo

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This is the guy whose photos are all group photos. This is guy where you have to sit an search for the consistent face in the photos, hoping it’s the cute guy from the photo before. It’s a game of “Where’s Waldo?”

5. The One Hit Wonder

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This is the guy who has one photo, that mirror bathroom selfie where he slightly lifted up his shirt. Or he has that one photo shirtless to the side. The point is he has one photo, which is creepy.. like, do you only have one good photo? Did you not know you could add more photos? What’s the deal here? Rule of thumb: only one photo = serial killer.

6. “I’m over 6ft”

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This is the guy who only has his height in his bio. Like.. that’s it, and these are usually the guys who have to prove that they are over 6 feet tall (which I mean, height is generally a turn on). But, come on! There has to be something about you that want to share with the world to make yourself seem not only hot but possibly a cool person. Advice that I have received is that if the height is the only thing in his bio, he probably he has no personality (I can personally attest to that).

7. James Bond  

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This is the guy who has girls with him in all of his photos. Why? Are you trying to tell us you’re a ladies man? A player? I don’t see what you’re trying to accomplish, but I can tell you it’s not working.

There we have it: the seven most common types of guys I see repeatedly on Tinder. Be careful out there, collegiettes. Don’t be afraid to swipe left!


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George Mason University '50

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