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Style Denim Shorts for Summer: with American Eagle

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at George Mason University chapter.

Denim shorts are a summer staple that we all own and love. But sometimes it can be hard to style your basic-but-beloved pair of denim shorts in a new way. Sometimes that denim shorts and a t-shirt combo just gets old. Here are some fun ideas to switch it up! Don’t forget to check out the new summer collections by American Eagle for more inspo.

  1. Get a fun pair of denim shorts 

I’m all for the good old plain denim shorts, but there are so many cool denim shorts out there! These American Eagle high waisted denim shorts are bleach dyed and unique! You could pair this with a plain white tee, cropped or otherwise, for a spin on the classic American look. You could also pair it with a more fun blouse or shirt, which is my next tip.

  1. Wear a patterned or colorful blouse 

Pairing your denim shorts with a colorful or patterned blouse or loose shirt is a really fun way to go. This will also keep you cool in the hot summer months. This ruffled babydoll blouse by American Eagle is a perfect blouse to go with! It has a bit more shape than your average white blouse, but it’s dressy enough for a nice dinner on the beach or a summer party!

This long-sleeve tie front blouse by American Eagle is also a great option. It’s a little bolder, and I love that! It would go perfect with fun or simple denim shorts and will solidify your status as a fashion girlie. It also comes in blue if you prefer a monochromatic look!

  1. Swimsuit and coverup combo

My next trick is perfect for a beach day, or just a really hot day! Wear a swimsuit top of your choosing; the bikini, tankini, or one piece style all work for this. You can leave it there, but if you want more coverage you can add a swim coverup on top. I personally love the look of American Eagle linen coverup shirts that come in 7 colors, but you do you! My favorite is their white striped linen shirt. It reminds me a lot of the popular coastal grandmother aesthetic!

  1. Jersey style

By this I mean a sports jersey, but as a New Jersey girl, this also gets the New Jersey stamp of approval. Well, if you go with a Yankees jersey it is! Grab a jersey from your favorite sports team and style it with simple jewelry for the perfect sports girl look. You could style your jersey in several ways, including unbuttoned with a plain tee or swimsuit underneath or tucked up for a cropped look.

  1. Paint your shorts

My last styling idea is to take that older, more beat up pair of denim shorts and stress them and/or paint them! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas on Pinterest for how to do this. You could paint them all over, like this, or just on the back pockets, like this.

Now go out there and style those denim shorts! You’ll look amazing. 

Katarina Benson

George Mason University '25

Katarina Benson is the Editor in Chief at the Her Campus at George Mason chapter. She oversees all articles published at George Mason University. They are currently a junior majoring in English with a dual cultural studies and film studies concentration. Beyond Her Campus, Kat works as the public relations student coordinator and as an editorial assistant at George Mason. In her free time, Kat enjoys playing tennis, reading, and trying new cafes. She's a big fan of 90s shows and movies and loves to travel. They also post about books and reading at @strawberryblondefolklore on instagram.