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Spring Break: A Guide To A Successful Break At Home

It is only the middle of the semester and you don’t know how you’re going to make it to May. Your only saving grace is the one-week where you don’t have to attend class, and where your unproductiveness will not put you in a sea of guilt.

Spring Break is right around the corner, and even though you are super excited to not have the responsibility that comes with school, you are also bummed because you won’t be soaking up the sun this time. Instead, you’ll be soaking up the four walls in your room at home.  

Going home can be a blessing in disguise and here are 10 ways to help you maintain your sanity while being productive, but having fun at the same time.

1. Family Time

Take this time to spend some time with your parents, siblings and even extended family. The one negative side to college is that ramen and pizza diet. Everyone ends up missing home cooked meals. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of it. Maybe you can even bring leftovers back to school with you.

2. Catch up with friends

After a couple days you are bound to be over the idea of hanging out with your family, so make some time to hang out with your friends from home. Coffee dates or even a little mall shopping are perfect ways for you and your friends to catch up with the new things that have happened in each other’s lives.

3. Internships

Spring Break is the perfect time to think ahead to what you plan to do during the summer. We all wish we could just lounge around all summer but internships are important and this is prime time to start searching and applying to them.

4. Work Out

You might be bummed you’re not hitting the beach with your best friends, but don’t forget about the bigger picture: summer will be here sooner rather than later. Here to a whole week where there is no excuse to skip the gym. So, take advantage of it and get that summer body ready.

5. Reevaluate Goals for The Semester  

The goals that you had set in the beginning of the semester may have changed due to personal reasons or even school reasons. The week after Spring Break always means business, so take this time to be strategic on how to finish the semester strong.

6. Binge Watch Netflix

So your common practice of binge watching Netflix can go with out guilt during this week. You don’t have any assignments due, so sit and watch all three seasons of House of Cards without shame. 

7. Try New Recipes

Remember at the end of winter break when you created that healthy food board on Pinterest and said you were going to start eating healthy but your huge workload has only allowed you to eat pizza and the occasional “healthy” Panini from Panera? Spring break is the perfect time for you to try out those awesome recipes that you have come across! Cook for your family, your significant other, or even have a girls’ night of just cooking different foods. 

8. Work Ahead

Here is a great opportunity to get a head start on assignments that will be due the week you get back. Instead of waiting until the last minute, as usual, you can start brainstorming for that paper that is due in a couple weeks or start reviewing for that exam that will have a big impact on your overall grade. 

9. Organize your closet

The winter blues are in full effect, and since you weren’t so lucky to enjoy the beautiful sunshine on some beach in the middle of the ocean, take this time to organize your closet! Organizing your closet will give you ample space to fill it with all the fun new fashions of the spring and summer.

10. Relax, Relax, Relax

At the end of the day, the week of Spring Break should be used to forget about all the stress you experienced at the beginning of the semester. Take this time to refresh your mind and spirit, so you are ready to conquer the real challenge: the end of the semester.

Spending your Spring Break at home may not have been ideal, but you can always turn it into a week of productivity and catching up with the people at home that mean the most to you! Positivity is the key to having a fun week in a most likely cold and icy place. 

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