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Review: Garnier Fructis 1 Minute Hair Masks

Garnier Fructis recently came out with a new 1 Minute Hair Mask, and it has been getting amazing reviews. There are 5 different ones with different purposes. The banana hair mask is strengthening, avocado is smoothing, papaya is damage repairing, coconut is nourishing and the agoi is for color-treated hair. It is advertised as a hair mask but the label says it can also be used as a conditioner or leave-in conditioner, meaning that it is meant to be used on all hair types. The smaller size are around $3 and the bigger tubs are around $7 at Walmart and Target. This product is also extremely affordable but it also sounds too good to be true. Is Garnier onto something? Did they just release an inclusive product that actually works well on all hair types? My friends and I decided to test it out!

This is Mia. She described her hair as thick with kinky curls. The crown of her head is 4A and the bottom is 4B. She tried the avocado and papaya hair masks. While her hair is dry, she put it in as a leave-in conditioner and said after using it her curls looked better/more defined, and that her hair seemed easier to manage!

“The papaya one smells really good, but the avocado makes your hair softer.: When I asked her if she would recommend this product, Mia said yes! It makes it easier to comb your hair and it smells great!

This is Ilayda. She described her hair as curly/wavy, dry, and medium thickness. She tried the papaya product and used it as a conditioner. After using it she said that it smelled really good and made her hair soft, but was kind of just like any other conditioner. She said she might recommend it, but that it does smell amazing!

This is Brandi. She described her hair as a mixture of tight curls with looser curls in the front and is wavy when she brushes it out. She tried the papaya, avocado and banana products but ended up liking the banana one the most. She uses it as a leave-in conditioner on wet hair and said that it left her hair softer, healthier and more moisturized. Her curls also looks more defined as well. Would she recommend it? She said yes!!!

This is Mackenzie (me!) I would describe my hair as straight and extremely fine. It gets oily very fast and very easily, so I was skeptical of this product. I tried the avocado, papaya and banana, all as the hair mask, conditioner and leave-in conditioner. My favorite had to be either the avocado or banana! They both smelled amazing and left my hair so soft and shiny. I prefer using it as a hair mask or conditioner. I could use it as a leave-in but it weighed down my hair a little bit. My hair was already so easy to detangle after just one use and i would definitely recommend this product to everyone!

Overall, we all really enjoyed this product. The fact that it has multiple uses and can be used on all hair types is amazing! Not to mention that they all smell incredible. If you are looking for a hair mask, deep conditioner or leave-in for this summer, we would definitely recommend these products! Not only do they work well but they are also extremely affordable and do the same thing that most high end products do. If getting soft, hydrated hair is your goal for this summer, the new Garnier 1 Minute Hair Masks are the way to go! Good luck on finals and have a great summer collegiates!Via Giphy


Mackenzie Nelson

George Mason University '21

Mackenzie Nelson is a double major in Government and International Politics with a concentration in International Relations and Russian and Eurasian Studies with a concentration in Russian Language and Culture. She is passionate about politics and loves coffee. In the future, she hopes to work in public service.
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