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Rage Review: Infinity Music Festival

Bass. Beats. Sweat. Glow sticks. What was one of the biggest Welcome Week events, Infinity Music Festival brought the world of dance music to Mason to a little over 400 students on the night of September 3rd. Within the first ten minutes, SUB II transformed from a bare floor to a dance floor. Students quickly flooded to the front- jumping and gyrating with glow sticks in hand- to catch a glimpse of the DJ’s mixing their tunes. What was being referred to by some as a “mini Ultra- Day Glow”, Infinity was a collaborative event sponsored by Serenity FM, 2khaat, Sony Music Enter GMU RAGE, OHRL, SigEp, and Alpha Phi.

First on deck was Mason’s very own Peter Brennan, known to some of us as Pete Cuppernull, a sophomore on the Volleyball team. “Infinity is a new kind event atGeorge Mason,” exclaimed the DJ, “The goal of Infinity, from an events management perspective, is to give students something that isn’t a ‘typical college experience’. It is an opportunity to give them something new and fresh.” Peter Brennan has been creating buzz all over the blogosphere and recently performed at the Identity Festival in August, one of the area’s largest EDM festivals. “ As a DJ, Infinity gives me the opportunity to spread electronic dance music, and give that out to students- especially freshman- who may not have had the chance to experience it before.” Peter Brennan pumped out an hour long set- infused with an eclectic mix of house, trance, and electro. Setting the tone for the night of raging that ensued.

Following Peter Brennan was Boston’s NOMAD72- in contrast to the DJ on before him, NOMAD72 brought a more mainstream sound to the dance floor, which sat verywill with the crowd. The familiarity of certainsongswith the ever-growing audience prompted many to shout the words along and completely lose themselves in themusic.The last hour of Infinity belonged to TCUP,who has played along side some
of the biggest EDM and hip-hop artists all over the world. He was last the last act on the line-up for Infinity, but certainly was not the least. Equipped with 200 inflatable mini beach balls, TCUP brought it down on the crowd– literally. TCUP kept up the intensity of the previous DJ’s and ended with a bang- Avicii’s ‘Levels’.

“It’ was pretty much the biggest thing since Woodstock,” exclaimed Q, Peter Brennan’s manager, “This electro concert was HUGE- it was like if the man on the moon met the Superbowl during the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

What is hopefully the start to a series of EDM events on campus, Infinity Music Festival started the year off in the best way possible; in the words of Peter Brennan, “It was dope, people raged real hard.”

Photo Credits to Joe Heim, George Mason

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