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Kathleen Wills

Year: Junior

Major: Neuroscience

Kathleen Wills is an inspiration for every GMU student. Not only does she have one of the most difficult majors, but she is also an active sister of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, coached a contestant for Zeta’s Big Man On Campus pageant, works for MasonRec, PatriotLife & the Center for Teaching Excellence, and is also one of the founding members of the TedxGeorgeMasonU conferences! 

The project Kathleen is most excited for this year is something new from MasonRec. She is a member of what they call the “Dream Team.  She is spearheading an new innovation, which involves spreading the word about MasonRec activities, as well as the facilities. Each member of the Dream Team has artistic and communicative talents, and Kathleen’s specialty is videography and marketing. In the near future, she hopes to see all of her behind-the-scenes work pay off in a new promotion video created by the team. Her ultimate goal is to see the effort of the increasing involvement, and her hard work appear seamless. 

So there was one question I needed to know: How does she do it all? Kathleen says her large planner is her best friend; it plans every weekday by the hour. In order to keep organized, she schedules everything the second she hears about it. She also plans out her extra curriculars on her phone for when shes on the go, and she make sure to check it every night and morning.

Kathleen is an amazing Mason leader, and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for whatever she accomplishes next! 


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Katie Barlow

George Mason University

Katie is a senior at GMU majoring in Communication, with a focus in public relations. She currently interns at Northern Virginia Magazine and is hoping to one day work for big-name magazines. Being a writer for Her Campus has inspired Katie to pursue writing and helped her to realize how much she loves sharing interesting information with people. Katie is extremely excited to see where the future brings her. 
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