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Jessica Owens

Jessica Owens is a fly young lady, who enjoys writing frequently, never ceases not to dress to impress, has a brilliant and inclusive mindset and plans to bring change to the field of social work with her innovative mind. I’m sure you’ve seen her around campus with the latest 5-panel strapback and bowtie to match. She embodies individuality and her style is her own. 

Year: Class of 2016

Major: Double major in Psychology and Social Work

HC: What is your involvement on campus?

Jessica: I have pretty much dabbled in everything. I am currently an RA in Tidewater on the fourth floor, I was on the committee of GMU Pac and designed flyers, I performed frequently at Live at the Ridge in past years, and a Peer Health Educator in the offices WAVES.

HC: What would you like to do with your life once you leave George Mason?

Jessica: I am going to graduate school for clinical social work and ultilze my social degree in my hometown of Newport News.  

HC: Why is social work so near and dear to your heart?

Jessica: I’ve always wanted to help those who really needed it. The psychology field is limited and I would like to be in the setting where I can counsel youth and those who need assistance in their lives who aren’t very endowed. 

HC: What is your opinion of George Mason?

Jessica: I love the fact that I’ve become more socially aware and I can walk from building to building and hear five different languages. 

HC: What is one piece of advice you’d offer to freshman this year?

Jessica: Mason is very large and you have to make it small for you. Involving yourself can lend perspective and establish connections. 

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Kaylyn Wadley

George Mason University

Deemed at birth as Kaylyn Wadley, that is the name identify myself by. I am currently a college student studying Global and Community Health and Nutrition on the path to medical school (and a long path it is, I will not complete my formal education until 2020). I have an uncanny interest in diseases, that sounds odd yes, but there’s something about the contraction of Tuberculosis and the removal of the Guinea Worm parasite from the human flesh that grabs my attention. When I am not consumed by my studies, which is majority of the time, I enjoy exercising and eating freakishly healthy (my friends say I eat salad out of a bag like potato chips). I have this goal to look 60 years old at age 100, we’ll see how that goes. I’m currently suffering from wanderlust and for those of you that do not know what that is, it is ” a strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world.” I am dying to get on the continent of Africa and have been since I discovered the history of Ancient Egypt when I was about 5 years old. Hopefully, I will be in Capetown, South Africa at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University by the completion of 2014. The motherland is calling! I have a feeling I will go and never want to return, LOL. Sooooo, attempting to talk about myself has always been an awkward thing for me, you don’t want to be vague and uninteresting, yet you don’t want to seem narcissistic and shallow. So, I think this should sum up my little bio. It is my hope you come to know me by the quality of my writing and appreciate it as my art.
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