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If ‘The Bachelor’ Contestants Went to Virginia Colleges

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at George Mason University chapter.

1. Alexis, Old Dominion University


Alexis is fun, adorable, and lists her current employment position as an “aspiring dolphin trainer.” She’d tear up ODU tailgates (while wearing the Monarch’s mascot costume, of course) after a few hours of studying at Virginia’s #1 school for Marine Science.

2. Jaimi, Virginia Commonwealth University

That septum piercing is the mark of a VCU ~Arts~ student, and there’s no place quite like RVA for Jaimi’s culinary dreams to flourish.  

3. Danielle L., James Madison University

“Go Dukes!”-Danielle L., probably.

4. Raven, Virginia Tech

What’s a Hokie? Raven is! This small town girl would thrive nowhere better than good old Blacksburg, VA.

5. Corrinne, University of Richmond

Corinne could only attend the Virginia college with the most expensive tuition, and being at the heart of Richmond is perfect for someone who constantly seems to “need sushi.” Fingers crossed she and Raquel can get a double together!

6. Vanessa, The College of William and Mary

Vanessa is real, honest, and an amazing educator.  A woman like this could only be a part of the Tribe!

7. Danielle M., University of Virginia

Danielle M. is one of the classiest ladies on The Bachelor, just like UVA is one of the most timeless institutions in Virginia. She carries herself with a true, southern grace, just like any Cavalier would.

8. Rachel, George Mason University

G-M-U WHAT?! Rachel’s a total Patriot. As an attorney, she would have enjoyed studying law outside the nation’s capital.  Mason is one of the most diverse universities in the country, leaving an impact worthy of Rachel’s first impression rose!

Holly Rhue

George Mason University

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