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How to Survive the Turkey Drop

By: Hannah Kanfer

It’s almost Thanksgiving break, which means it’s time to go back home, reconnect with old friends, see your family and if you’re a freshman, perhaps the inevitable “turkey drop”. What’s the turkey drop? The turkey drop is the phenomena where college freshman come home to breakup with their long distance, high school sweethearts. Sure, there will always be a few lucky couples that will survive and go off, get married and have beautiful weddings we will later pin on Pinterest. For the rest of us, this holiday season is going to suck- and not just because our old-school, conservative grandma is coming for dinner. So here are a few things to keep in mind for all the girls who just got dumped, had to dump or are in the process of dumping.

High school and college are very different things.

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Don’t feel bad that you couldn’t make it work in college. Going from practically seeing your S.O. every day to being hours away from each other is a huge leap for any relationship to handle. This is a radical change in your life, so don’t feel bad if not everything stays the same.

You were probably missing out anyway… sorry.

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Let’s face it, you were probably missing out. It could be that you’re seeing all these cute, new people in your classes or your dorm, but can’t talk to them. Or it could be that you have had to stay in and settle for a skype date instead of going out with friends. Either way, you were probably missing out on a lot of opportunities. Also, no one wants the friend who constantly flakes to call her boyfriend.

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This allows you to fully grow

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College is a time for you to grow and change as a person, which can be scary when you’re in a relationship. Plenty of breakups have occurred with the line, “You just aren’t the same person”. Being out of a relationship in college may be the best thing for you, since it could allow you to try new things and gain new interests without the worry of your S.O. not seeing you as the same person.

Final words of wisdom

Don’t let a breakup inhibit your college experience. Yes, breakups can feel like the end of the world, but millions of people go through them every day and survive. College is a time for change and this change can come in the form of leaving behind old friends and relationships. This doesn’t make you or your S.O. a bad person, it just means you’re ready to move on to a different chapter of your life.


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