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How to Conquer Valentine’s Day in a Long-Distance Relationship

It’s that time of the year again when the stores fill up with an overwhelming sea of flowers, heart balloons, oversized teddy bears, sappy cards, and of course, a lifetime supply of candies and chocolates. It’s Valentine’s Day season, and for the lovers who can’t spend the day together because they are miles apart, it can be a stressful and anxious drag to make sure your significant other gets all the affection they deserve. Here are some quick tips I have gathered to make sure that Valentine’s Day can be just as special for the long-distance lovers out there.

1. Have their gift sent to them specifically on Valentine’s Day

Flowers and edible arrangements are no brainers when it comes to Valentine’s Day. However during the busy season, stores are in a rush to make sure every delivery is fulfilled in the right amount of time. In order to wow your Valentine, make sure you order and schedule their gifts as early in advance so when they wake up on that special day their gift will be waiting for them at the door. I mean, who doesn’t love surprises.

2. Send them special messages throughout the day


Valentine’s Day is not the same without a million “I love you’s” and heart emojis. Communication is key when it comes to long-distance relationships, so reassuring your significant other that this day would not be as special without them is the most effective way to make them feel loved even though they may feel lonely. Shoot a couple long text messages telling them how you feel or jump on Facetime to create more intimate face-to-face conversations. Either which way, communicating will take the ease off being without your Valentine.

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3. Have their friends or family in on your Valentine’s Day ideas

It may seem odd at first, but being that you may not be able to physically spend the day with your significant other, their friends or family can. Try and make your dream Valentine’s Day ideas come to life by having your bae’s roommate or family member in on how to make the day extra special for them. Try having them fill their room with balloons or flowers while they are gone, and top it off with a handwritten note to make the moment more intimate as if you were there.

4. Schedule a surprise visit

Even though this may be the hardest thing to do while on a “broke college student budget,” if you can surprise your long-distance lover on Valentine’s Day it will blow them away. Plan the trip weeks in advance so that you won’t run into last-minute troubles. Send little hints to your significant other that you will be making your surprise arrival, but don’t make it too obvious. Here, you can also collaborate with their roommates or family so that the surprise won’t be completely ruined.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be such a drag without your Valentine. It can just be as magical if you put in effort to show your significant other how much they mean to you even miles away. Good luck making the day special; and again, happy Valentine’s Day season!

Bri Hayes

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Brianna "Bri" Hayes is a Community Health, pre-nursing student from Richmond, Virginia studying at George Mason University with a strong passion for editorial and journalistic writing. Brianna spent her whole high school career studying communications and media relations under a broad spectrum, including experience in journalism, public relations and marketing, videography, film and production, graphic design, and photography. At Mason, she’s the president of the National Pan-Hellenic Council and a member of various organizations including the Omicron Iota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Patriot Activities Council, the Akoma Circle Mentoring Group, and Student Involvement. In her spare time, Brianna likes to read and explore new places and things. After graduation, she hopes to fulfill a career in nursing and public health.
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