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Glossier is a minimalist beauty brand that perfectly captures the appeal of simplicity in beauty and skincare. With a tagline of “Beauty products inspired by real life”, this cult-favorite brand has made its way into the hearts of its consumers and has established itself as a tried and true brand that values its customers. I am very into a minimalist beauty routine so Glossier has always been a brand I’ve been interested in- both in terms of their products as well as the company itself. Their innovation in the beauty field has redefined the standards of beauty and encourages people to embrace their natural selves. Here’s a look into the company and their innovative techniques.

Glossier was born with Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO, beginning her beauty blog, Into the Gloss, while working as a fashion assistant at Vogue. Into the Gloss gave beauty tips and even gave readers a peek into celebrity beauty regimes and from there, the blog took off. Once Into the Gloss began reaching 10 million page views per month about a year into the launching of the blog, Weiss quit her job at Vogue to continue this passion full time. Her blog served as a jumping point into the launch of Glossier, and she began by selling four products that she believed women could not live without. Namely, a facial mist, moisturizer, lip balm and skin tint.  From there, Weiss continued to expand her company into the innovative and unmistakable beauty brand that it is today. With a net worth of over $1.2 billion, Glossier is a brand that thrives on customer interaction, beginning conversations and developing products that people actually want.

Glossier’s customer interaction is unique and an identifier of the innovative company. With strong emphasis placed on customer service and care, the Glossier team truly strives to communicate with their audience to ensure the best experience possible. Their team answers Instagram DMs and emails efficiently, whether it be to process the return of items or just provide feedback on what shade they believe will work best for your skin tone. By being so responsive and interactive, Glossier successfully cultivates a community that is loyal and ever-growing.

Glossier’s use of social media is another major contribution to their successful innovation. They truly understand their audience and effectively promote their branding strategy. Their “bare faced, simple but effective” aesthetic has captured the attention of millions. They interact with customers on their social media through comment replies, question and answer sessions as well as tutorials to effectively use their products. By doing so, Glossier uses technology to build relationships with their customers and to extend their innovation of the brand to more than just their products but the overall experience.

Glossier has successfully made itself stand out in a vast and boundless beauty market and has done so innovatively, by putting customers first. Their divergence from typical beauty brands has allowed them to shine and advance in all avenues. I believe they’re an important brand that demonstrates just how far you can go if you take your consumer’s wants and needs to heart, and one I believe will succeed immensely.

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