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Anyone else devastated about the 1D news? Did you check Wikipedia and see “past members”? In the denial stage of grief, listening to the recent album Four and telling yourself that the boys official page has been hacked? Grab your tissues and comfort food because it is all true. Zayn Malik, 22, has parted ways with his career in One Direction.


Yesterday he made a statement about his departure and has left many of his fans, in addition to bandmate Harry Styles, in tears. Some fans have even deleted their fan pages, which they dedicate their lives to. Just a week ago, Malik was given permission to take leave for stress related reasons which may have led to his heart wrenching decision. Now his statement claims that he just wants to live life like a normal guy and have his privacy back.


The band will perform the rest of their world tour, On the Road Again, as a four member group. The boys, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are also deeply saddened by Zayn’s decision, but they all support him 100 percent. The fandom knew that the boys would not be together forever, but after five years, was this all too soon?

Other questions that I think we all want to know: Will the band still be called One Direction? Will they get a new member or try to make light of the situation and remain a foursome? Will there be a reunion concert?


Until we get our answers, we’ll just have to accept Zayn for what he is: human. This must have been a tough life decision and we should respect his choice. But we’re not going to lie, we’ll miss you Zayn Malik but of course, we wish you the best!


**Here are some pictures that will help you cope with Zayn’s departure! Even if it’s hard, there will be at least one picture here that will make you laugh and feel a little better. The boys always made light of serious situations, and this doesn’t have to be different! ** 


photo: www.fringuesdeseries.com


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