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As the semester is near the end you’ve probably figured out by now what friends you do and don’t want to spend your weekend with.  When those people you’d rather not hang out with come out and ask you to do it something it can be hard to convince them that it’s nothing personal when you decline to tag along for another “fun” filled night. Classic rejection phrases of having to wash your hair or giving your dog a bath are a little outdated. No worries though, we’ve got your back with some relevant excuses that will be more than enough to win a night to yourself.

TV/Netflix Night
You do NOT interrupt a girl on whatever night her tv show comes on. Not only will we whine about missing our show the whole time we’re out, you will also be shunned from any future activities on this day of the week. Tell a guy you have to stay in and watch the entire series of Sex and The City and he’ll back away slowly.
One word: Cramps Say no more! You can guarantee no one will question you – especially any guys. 
*Disclaimer: this could either backfire with your girl friend(s) wanting to come comfort you or in the form of karma with intense cramps when it’s finally time.
Homework Normally, this would NOT be a valid cop out. All your friends know you don’t actually do homework. But just remind them of this very fact! They haven’t seen you study in weeks, so now you’ve got some catching up to do. 

Parents are Coming Into TownThis can be code for all kinds of things, but in short – you definitely cannot go out tonight. You’ve got to clean your room and get your life together in less than twelve hours. Everyone knows this struggle, so you surely will not face further questioning.


The point is whether these things are actually occuring they make equally great false accounts so that you can bum it out at home without all the craziness and half the guilt trip!

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