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The closet can be one of the most dreaded things to clean. For me, no matter how many times I seem to fill up bags of clothes to donate or reorganize my space, my closet always seems to be full and overflowing. With the extra time we have on our hands right now, I wanted to find tips to *actually* deep clean my closet and make a difference. Here are some things I’ve learned and actually apply when cleaning!

Take out ALL your clothes

This may seem like an overwhelming task, but this truly helps you to understand just how many clothes are in your closet. I always surprise myself when I do this, either by finding a blouse I looked everywhere for or realizing just how many pieces I have that I do not wear on a regular basis. By taking out everything, you have a clean slate and can think clearly.

Sort your clothes categorically

Sorting is your best friend. Once everything has been taken out, I like to sort my clothes by category. I start by making piles of my tops, pants and pajamas. From there, I continue to make more piles (blouses, t-shirts, jeans, pants, etc) and decide what I want to keep (use the Marie Kondo method ;)) and what I want to get rid of.

Know it’s all right to let go

I struggle with this. I feel an emotional attachment to certain pieces despite me not wearing them anymore or not fitting; because of this, I tend to hoard more clothes than I ever could wear or need. I had to teach myself that it is okay to let go of things and less clutter = a better mental health space for myself. If the clothes you are letting go are in good condition you can always donate, sell or repurpose them!

Try on the “maybes”

If you can’t decide whether or not to keep something, try it on! It will help you decide by looking at it on yourself. Ask yourself whether it fits correctly, matches your current style and is something you would buy new at the store today. These questions will help you narrow down the maybes.

Dispose correctly

Once you’ve sorted all your clothes out and know exactly what you are getting rid of, make sure you dispose of the clothes correctly. I’ve been guilty of just keeping trash bags filled with clothes in my bedroom without getting rid of them properly. Know what pieces you want to donate, upcycle, sell or just throw away and follow through with it; you will feel very accomplished once you finish.

Find a closet organization system that works for you

This is important to maintain the new and clean closet you worked hard on. I like to split my clothes seasonally and section them in my closet by short sleeves and long sleeves by color. This can be whatever you find works best for you but try your best to maintain it!

Play some music or a podcast, grab a snack and get to it. Have fun closet cleaning collegiettes!

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