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Chrissy Teigen is a successful cookbook author, TV personality, coveted Twitter icon and an absolute clap-back queen. In essence, she is my personal idol.

On November 4th, Teigen announced the completion of her passion project, her new website and if you’re a huge fan of Chrissy Teigen like myself, it did not disappoint. Her blog-style website is chock full of information and fun tidbits and is a reflection of Chrissy’s life and passions. The website is a culmination of her amazing recipes, cooking tips, restaurant recommendations, stories, videos and even a feature for fans to ask her questions, complete with her engaging replies. Something I have always admired about Teigen is her ability to unabashedly be herself in any situation, and much like the creator herself, her website is fun, interactive and sassy, a perfect mirror of her true self. Here is a rundown of her website!


This section of her website might be the most anticipated part. Ever since the immense success of her two cookbooks, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat and Cravings: Hungry for More, her recipes have been met with high praise and sought after. One particular one I know of that had people losing their minds is her banana bread recipe.  But, since her books had to be bought, some people missed out on accessing her recipes but by providing free recipes on her website, she is making them more accessible to her fans. Her website features a multitude and diverse variety of new dishes to try out, ranging from Lemon and Walnut Pasta to Portuguese Egg Soup. You should definitely check her recipes out if you are looking to try making something new, exciting and delicious!


This section of her website features blog posts from Teigen about her new cookware collections, trips, cooking tips, and a list of her favorite restaurants in both LA and NYC (my personal favorite). Her restaurant lists are sorted by cuisine and are an ongoing culmination of her favorite places to eat at, complete with anecdotes and dish recommendations. I am awaiting more posts from her since they are so engaging to read and filled with videos and hilarious stories.


This is probably one of my favorite aspects of the website! Her fans can ask Teigen a question, and she replies to them in a text graphic which may seem boring but Teigen’s sass and wit proceeds her name so every question and reply is always entertaining to read. I personally believe that this feature is an amazing way to communicate with her readers and it enhances the bond and expectations that readers have with Teigen.


This section of her website features several entertaining videos that range from vlogs from her recent family trip to Italy, to “Pepper’s Corner” a series that focuses on videos that feature her mom. The videos are a lively blend of informative and funny and they show the family dynamics of Teigen’s amazing family. Check out the videos out if you prefer to watch videos of recipes rather than reading them!

It is evident that this website is a result of Chrissy Teigen’s hard work and immense passion. Each post is thoughtful, lively and engaging, and nothing seems rushed. I can’t wait to try out a new recipe by her and I think you should check it out as well collegiettes!

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