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Chance The Rapper Blesses GMU

On a seemingly normal Thursday night, Eagle Bank Arena turned into a performance hall, a dance studio, and a choir rehearsal all at once. Just a few weeks into his Magnificent Coloring World Tour, Chance The Rapper stopped in the DMV area. The show was opened by Francis and the Lights, who has his own unique sound and passionate following and also worked with Chance on his latest mixtape, Coloring Day.

So far this touring season, fans have raved that Chance puts on a phenomenal performance – one that neither videos nor photos can do justice. This was proven to be true during his nearly hour and a half set that consisted of the perfect mix of his last four years of released work. It was obvious that some fans in attendance were definitely there for the 10 Day and Acid Rap-era version of Chance ready to rap along to all his classics while some were most passionate about his newest melodies. But that’s just the thing, once his music connects with you, you are along for the ride and receptive to all he has to offer.

There was something for everyone, and as Chance proclaimed “there is a reason you are here in this room tonight” one can’t help but to truly feel and believe it. He apologized, unnecessarily, for potentially killing the vibe of what was the “best night of the tour so far” by taking a moment to speak into the lives of his diverse audience. He effortlessly transitioned from having his crowd jumping along to serenading them and then leading them to a much more spiritual and motivational dimension.

One thing that is very apparent about Chance is that he does not mind sharing the stage and giving credit where it’s due. Much to the crowd’s pleasure he performed a few songs that he features in as well. He also introduced his most intimate musical partners Donnie Trumpet, Peter Cottontale, and “Stix” who also make up a part of The Social Experiment as they are formally know and credited on their collaborative projects.

For those that have been supporting Chance The Rapper from the beginning of his journey, it is inspiring to be reminded that the same guy that gave us hits like “Pusha Man” and “Cocoa Butter Kisses” could also produce anthems and speak about his faith and growth as a young man. Possibly most impressive of all is how far Chance has come while still remaining independent from any record labels. He is a true artist who creates his own rules and boundaries and is refreshingly very involved in his own production on and off the stage.

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