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FaceSlayByKay is a makeup business created by entrepreneur and GMU student, Kaylyn Wadley. She is self-taught and has been doing makeup since her freshman year of college. She has a very broad skill set from natural and subtle face to a very elegant or formal face! There is no way to be disappointed with her work. Kaylyn hopes to expand her business, slaying one face at a time!


Business IG: @faceslaybykay

Personal: @kokabuttaqueen

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Elizabeth Whitehead

George Mason University

Hello everyone, Queen Elizabeth here! I am a junior here at GMU and I am majoring in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. I am currently a memeber of Noteworthy, GMU's only all female A Cappella group, Mason Players, and a few more organizations. I love fashion and setting my own trends, #fashionista. My ultimate dream is to be a famous, professional pop singer and sing along with some of the world's best pop artists like Rihanna and Beyonce. I am currently writing music and working on an EP album! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ladybea95 and my singing IG if you would like @lizzybea.br. Last but not least, I love One Direction, so they have taken over my social life. The End!
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