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Campus Cutie: Alex Battle

It is often said that help comes from those you least expect, which is why this week’s Campus Cutie is Alex Battle. Besides being very involved on campus, at the age of 21, Alex is already helping to run an incredible business. This Pike brother was a Mason Majesty contestant this past homecoming, and sat down with me to answer a few questions!

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Major: Systems engineering with minors in software engineering and business

Year: Junior

Why did you choose George Mason? It was close to DC for me, and there are a lot of jobs as far as systems engineering actually goes. At the time of choosing George Mason, I was thinking more along the lines of going the state route, working for a bigger company like Booz Allen Hamilton, but now I want to go more of the technology route, and I’ll probably go to the West Coast after this.

What are your on-campus involvements? Mainly just being a brother of Pike Fraternity and United2Heal. I don’t hold a position in Pike, but as far as United2Heal, I am president of that. I kind of guided that one nationally.

Dream job? It’d definitely have to be working at my own technology firm. Just a good technology start up that is very successful. I’d love to do something along those lines and be in a creative work environment.

Tell me about the company, and your involvement in United2Heal? U2H was just started initially as a college organization in Michigan that then branched to VCU and here to GMU. We send medical and school supplies all over the world to help, and so far we’ve helped to send over $1.5 million worth of aid and medical supplies to Syria and Bangladesh. I helped to set up a national headquarters by finding connections around the world and helping to find what they need, also in the procurement of medical supplies, donations and setting up the overall bank account and the incorporation process.

We have been working with IEDA Relief to help refugees in a variety of ways. Specifically, this semester the focus I am aiming for is with medical supplies and expanding the size of the holding capacity of clinics at refugee camps in Niger. 

 Last semester, we helped VCU with sending over $400,000 worth of supplies over to Haiti. Then we personally paid for thirty-two rehabilitation surgeries after the Bangladesh building collapsed to help people get back on their feet and back into jobs.

Is there anything specifically you’re working on now with humanitarian aid? Currently we are working with Niger, and I just recieved the financial appeal for IEDA, and we’ve been asked to raise $10,000 for this semester! With $5,000, we will be providing for clean water and containers, and the other $5,000 will be going towards feminine hygiene care kits.


Tell me about your involvement in the IT company? Right now all we are really doing is building websites, hosting them for small companies, and keeping them up in the technology age.

Life goals? Mainly to be able to provide for my family. My father works seven days a week for twelve hours a day, just trying to put me through college. I’ve seen the toll it’s taken on him. I want to be able to set him up and help him relax and retire early.

Most prized possession? Probably my car, which seems so stereotypical for a guy. It is a 2005 Ford Mustang convertible. The reason being, I knew the kind of car I wanted since I was in seventh grade, and so I saved up for that all the way up until I bought it on my 18th birthday. The only problem is, I have definitely been in a few accidents with the car and at this point, it’s actually probably the worst investment I’ve made. I love it, and I kind of hate it sometimes. It’s still my most prized possession because it was a sign I knew what I wanted, and I went for what I wanted. I probably should have put more thought into what I wanted though.

Favorite memory at Mason so far? My favorite memory at Mason would have to be the day I got my bid for Pike. Myself and three others who also rushed with me bought a ton of pizza and we sat around the table at midnight waiting for our calls. It was definitely a little silly how nervous we were, but nothing beats that combination of anxiety, elation, friends and food.


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