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Ladies, I introduce to you the total package! AJ Holtberg, strong, nice gentleman on the outside, full of love on the inside. His contagious smile and charming personality will make your heart flutter!

Hometown: Great Falls, Virginia

Year: Sophomore

Major: Sports Management

Why did you choose to attend GMU? It’s close to home and a lot of my friends from high school went here.

Favorite thing about GMU: The diversity of people here.  You can learn so much from every single student here.

Campus Involvement: PIKE pledge and intramural sports

Random talents: I love to sing, play guitar and strangely like to vacuum…

Most embarrassing moment: My swim trunks came off when diving into the pool in summer before 9th grade.

Where do you want to live after college? I want to travel the world after college to get a perception of other cultures.

If you were offered a free plane ticket to anywhere, where would you go? New Zealand, because it is so beautiful and exotic there.

Favorite sport: Football

Favorite sport’s team: I don’t have a favorite team, just enjoy watching good games!

Favorite Restaurant: Chipotle, duh

Favorite movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite TV show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favorite song: Akon- I’m so Paid

Favorite holiday: Halloween

One thing on your bucket list: Backpack through Europe or Asia

Most prized possession: My guitar

Celebrity crushes: Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba

Ideal date: If it’s the right girl then any date is ideal.  But a dinner on the beach with some wine then topped off with a nice walk is always pretty ideal.

Ideal girl: Someone who makes me laugh, is motivated, and has the same aspirations down the road as I do.  Most importantly, someone that makes me happy and I can always be around.

Turn offs: When I’m constantly interrupted while I am talking, bad kisser, when girls play hard to get, and bad hygiene/messy personality.

Taken or single: Find out for yourself!

Life aspiration/goals: Become an agent for sports players or become a sports marketing supervisor for a large company.

Favorite quote: “Live, Laugh, Love”

Proudest moment: Making Dean’s list last semester.



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