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Campus Celebrity: Katie Garay

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at George Mason University chapter.
This week’s Campus Celebrity is no stranger to leadership and has earned some incredible opportunities as a result. Check out the amazing ways that Katie Garay has been making the most of her Mason experience. 
Name: Katie Garay
Year: Junior
Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Major: Government and International Politics 
Campus Involvement: President of Mason Ambassadors, Secretary for the Hispanic Student Association, Resident Advisor
What is your favorite part of being a Mason Ambassador?
My favorite part about being a Mason Ambassador is definitely getting to share my Mason experience with prospective students. The best feeling is having someone tell you that you gave them their tour. It’s just really special to know that you were a part of their decision to #ChooseMason. If your tour had been low quality, then they might not be here. I always try to give the best tours I can, and they usually involve me making fun of myself. But if I can leave a tour knowing that I successfully entertained a group for an hour and a half, then I have definitely succeeded. 
What is the best part of being a student leader? 
I think the best part of being a student leader is getting to meet other student leaders on campus. I don’t think I’d have even a quarter of the friends and on campus connections that I have if I hadn’t gotten involved. Those friendships lead to some really amazing memories and I know that if I have a Mason related question I can send out a few texts and have the answer immediately – which is very convenient. 
Do you have any advice for someone hoping to get involved on campus?
Become an active member of one organization and then expand from there. The first thing I really joined at Mason was L-Team, in the LEAD office and that’s where I first started making connections. From there I became active in HSA and then I became an Ambassador. Then I took on leadership roles in those organizations. I don’t think I would have the same connections I do now if I hadn’t built up my involvement little by little. 
What is your proudest accomplishment?
Definitely being featured by the news desk for my internship accomplishments while I was an intern at the US Embassy in Panama. The article got a lot of buzz and I’ve had professors and faculty members email me about it. I even got an email from a Mason parent congratulating me! It just shows how far the mason community goes and how supportive everyone is. 
Where does your motivation come from?
My motivation has always been my goal of being a role model. I just have always wanted to be someone that others can look up to, so I always try to do my best. But, I also make sure I’m being my authentic self and that motivates me. I do things that I enjoy because I allow myself to be authentic. 
What are your career goals?
I hope to be a foreign service officer. I want to be a political officer and help make policy recommendations to countries all around the world. 
What legacy do you hope to leave at Mason?
Okay this is really deep and not something I’ve really thought much about. I mean, I guess I just want to lead by example and I want others to be their authentic selves. I do want to end up on the wall of distinguished alumni, and I want like a really good selfie with President Cabrera. Also – when I end up as a distinguished alumni, I’d really like to speak at Mason’s Commencement. I think it would be so cool. 
Favorite quote:
“Give ’til it hurts.”
My sixth grade teacher, Mr. Bumbalo told me this constantly, and I definitely think that it made me work harder – and that he knew I was a little bit lazy and a little bit more of a procrastinator, but it did help me work against that a lot. 
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