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Best Nail Colors for this Fall Season

Nail polish is one of my new obsessions. I have always had small nails my entire life and thought there was no hope. I would get acrylics off and on throughout my teenage years. I tried getting gel manicures many times and nothing ever stuck. Getting your nails done the first time was never that bad, but keeping up a nice, professionally done manicure can get incredibly expensive very fast. Not only is it too much money over time, but it also ruins your natural nails. Even taking off a gel manicure can take off layers of your nail and leave them weak and brittle. 

I was tired of this cruel cycle of spending way too much money, ruining my nails when taking them off, growing my nails out to be healthy, then eventually getting them done again. I was determined to learn how to do my nails on my own to where it maybe didn’t look professional, but nice enough to catch people’s eyes. 

I started by watching youtube video after youtube video. I learned that the best nail file to use is a crystal file and what the best products were for pushing back your cuticles. After a lot of practice, I can say that I have gotten to a good point of being able to do my nails, that I now know that anyone can do it well too. Since it is fall time, my passion for the latest fall nail colors has only grown. The fall collections this year are all beautiful and you can never go wrong. Here are a few easily accessible and affordable options if you are looking for a perfect fall nail color this season. 

OPI Scotland Collection

This collection was released this fall 2019 and has some of the perfect shades for this fall season. Inspired by Scotland, Opi created a bunch of polishes such as the burnt orange, bright red, and dark plum color below. There are many more in the collection that are perfect for this weather but these are some of my favorites. 

1. Suzi Needs a Loch-smith 

Via Opi

2. Red Heads Ahead 

Via Opi

3. Good Girls Gone Plaid

Via Opi

Essie Fall 2019 Collection

Essie also came out with a Fall 2019 line that is limited edition. It is made up of 6 shades with names such as ‘sweater weather’ and ‘on the bright cider’. Not only are they things we all know and love but are the shades perfect for any occasion. Apple picking? Going to a pumpkin patch? Riding a hayride? These shades are the ones for the job. 

4. Easily Suede 

Via Essie 

5. Rust-Worthy

Via Essie

Sinful Colors Fall Collection

While painting your own nails is cheaper than getting them done, nail polish can be expensive too. When you start buying bottle after bottle like me, it adds up very quickly. The brand Sinful Colors creates great polish for a great price. When I should only be spending my money on groceries but have the urge to try a new fall color, these are the ones I go to. 

6. Hush Money

Via Target

7. Aubergine

Via Target

8. Hot Toffee

Via Target 

Take on fall with your perfect manis and crush those midterms! 

Via Giphy

Mackenzie Nelson

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Mackenzie Nelson is a double major in Government and International Politics with a concentration in International Relations and Russian and Eurasian Studies with a concentration in Russian Language and Culture. She is passionate about politics and loves coffee. In the future, she hopes to work in public service.
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