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Beating Sexual Assault With The Krav Maga Method

By: Jaclyn JonesVia BDN Blogs

Sexual assault is finally being highlighted in the news. It’s being taken more seriously.  Big shot celebrities and public figures are no longer safe and above the law. Times are changing, but why not learn how to defend yourself?

This past Wednesday, George Mason had a self defense course taught by an instructor from Alpha Krav Maga to help prevent sexual assault. This was my first class. While I was initially hesitant to go, it proved to be very helpful. I highly recommend at least one class to be familiar with the techniques.

One of the most important factors that I overlooked was being comfortable with the moves. It sounds kind of silly, but in the moment actually shoving your thumbs into someone’s eyes is not going to be easy. It’s not an everyday movement and frankly, is gut wrenching. Practice is the only way to get better and feel more comfortable to have the moves work in time of need.Via evkmselfdefense.com

The key areas to target are the eyes, ears, nose, throat and groin. While there are the specific techniques to target those areas in the most effective manner, each move must be quick and powerful. Based on the instructor, you have 12 seconds to strike and get away before the fight is based on weight and skill- that means a targeted attack that’s effective enough to distract the attacker and get away.

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If you want an added effect, you can bring a weapon. You need to keep track of it though because if you drop it, your attacker will use your weapon against you. Some useful ones he recommended was a taser, big flashlight or key chain with a sharp edge. In the winter, aim to use the taser on the legs because it will not be really effective through a thick jacket. The flashlight can be turned around to hit them with and the keychain can be used to instantly make a hammer fist more damaging.

Last but not least, my favorite quote from my instructor was, “if you are not cheating you are not doing Krav Maga.”

Krav Maga brings the best techniques to defend yourself. If someone calls a groin kick cheating, that’s fine… you get to escape your attacker and live. The whole goal is survival.

Remember to use your brain! It’s your most valuable weapon. Stay safe and defend yourself… who else will do it for you?


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