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BB Cream or CC Cream: Which One is for You?

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As soon as college ladies everywhere bought into the idea of a BB Cream, CC Creams started showing up during commercial breaks and across magazine advertisements. Always looking for the next smooth-skin solution, it was time for me to explore the differences between the two creams and help others determine what cream would be ideal for their skin types…


What does BB stand for?

The double letters in -BB Cream- can stand for several words, depending on the company, but the most common ones are beauty balm or blemish balm.


What does a BB Cream do?

A BB Cream banishes those little imperfections in your skin, acting as your all-day moisturizer, primer, and foundation (if you’re a minimalist with an easy-to-match skin tone). Some people find them to be a bit sticky, but girls with dry skin often appreciate the extra moisture.

What does CC stand for?

Just as BB Creams have several long-handed names, so do the CC Creams. The most used descriptions are color correcting or color control.


What does a CC Cream do?

CC Creams handle many of the same things as BB Creams, but also are fantastic for hiding fine lines and discoloration that comes with aging skin. The texture of these creams tend to be mousse-like and the tone options are diverse to fit many complexions.


Which type of cream has SPF?

Most BB and CC Creams have SPF, but the amount of SPF will depend on the brand. For example, Olay’s CC Cream offers SPF 15 while Chanel’s advertises SPF 30. Smashbox’s BB Cream is SPF 35, Garnier’s is SPF 15, and Maybelline’s is SPF 30.


What cream is better for oily skin?

BB Creams are considered to be worse for oily skin when compared to their oil-free sisters, the CC Creams.


What is one high-coverage BB Cream and one high-coverage CC Cream?

Garnier’s BB Cream is fairly heavy for a BB Cream, so if you want to be able to go foundation-free but don’t need all of the benefits of a CC Cream, it’s a great option. CC Creams are all a bit heavy, but Rachel K’s CC Cream is among the thicker formulas.


What is one light-coverage BB Cream and one light-coverage CC Cream?

Maybelline makes a very light BB Cream that serves more as a tinted moisturizer than a foundation base. Olay’s CC Cream boasts a light, soupier product than many of its competitors and won’t weigh your skin down.


What products are recommended for first-time users in the USA?

If you are looking to start with a standard BB Cream, try Garnier’s version, available at most U.S. drug and grocery stores for under $15. There isn’t a huge selection of CC Cream’s available in the USA just yet, but Olay’s cream offers a promising start at about $25 per bottle. If you don’t mind paying extra for overseas shipping, the epidermal growth factor included in Rachel K’s product makes for an arguably better buy for those in the market for a CC Cream.



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