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A Review of “Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!”

Since Thanksgiving is now over, that means it is officially socially acceptable to start celebrating the holiday season! My favorite way to kick off Christmas after helping my family pick out a Christmas tree is by watching some fun, festive Christmas films! “Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!” is the first movie I decided to watch, and here are my thoughts!

I should start off by saying “Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!” is my favorite Christmas movie ever, so I obviously loved rewatching it this year! I forced my parents to watch it with me, and they enjoyed it, too! What does that tell me? This movie is fun for all ages!

It’s Christmastime, and the Duncans are headed to Palm Springs to celebrate with Amy’s parents. However, the Duncans’ flight is overbooked and Teddy volunteers to find a later flight in exchange for a round-trip ticket she can use during Spring Break. Amy gets off the plane to help her daughter navigate traveling from Colorado to California. Of course, all the flights are completely booked, so the mother-daughter duo has to come up with some creative solutions. 

The overall storyline is a bit cheesy and over-the-top, but who cares? It only adds to the fun of the movie. Because there are a plethora of characters, there are several plotlines to follow, but they all somehow connect, which makes for a satisfying ending. This movie really is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Sure, it’s meant for children, but there are certainly jokes that are still funny for somebody in their twenties. 

Personally, I love the characters and how crazy they can be sometimes in the show. The movie is no exception to that. The relationship between Teddy and Amy reminds me of my mom and me, so I love watching their chaotic time trying to make it to Palm Springs by Christmas morning. The dynamic of the entire family makes it feel like you’re watching a real family navigate the holiday season.

Many popular Christmas movies center around a romance, but this one does not. The Duncans are at the heart of the story, which I think adds something a little different to the Christmas movie genre. 

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Definitely one of the reasons this movie is such a blast to rewatch is the nostalgia factor. I grew up watching “Good Luck Charlie,” so it’s always fun to go back to the world of this show and relive part of my childhood. This movie adds something to the overall storyline of the show while also being able to stand on its own. Even if you weren’t a dedicated viewer of the show, as long as you know the general premise and who the characters are, then you’ll totally be able to follow along!

Because this is a movie made for TV in 2011, the special effects are not great. When I was younger, I didn’t notice it, but I can see how obvious the green screen is now as an adult. They travel through lots of different places, including Las Vegas, and they very clearly did not film in Las Vegas or Palm Springs. It’s a little distracting at first, but you get used to it after a few minutes. 
Would I recommend you give “Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!” a watch this holiday season? Absolutely! If you’ve seen it before, then it’s definitely time you rewatch it like I did! Disney+ has the movie if you’re interested in checking it out.

Nickie Johnson

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Nickie Johnson is a junior at George Mason. She is majoring in history and hopes to one day become a school librarian. This is her second year writing for Her Campus, and she has loved every minute of it! She is involved in GMU's Honors College and the George Mason Chapter of Educators Rising Collegiate. In addition to writing, Nickie loves watching movies and reality television, performing showtunes in the mirror, and reading.
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