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A Letter to My Freshman Self

Dear Freshman Me,

Hey, how’s it goin’? Not too great, huh? I remember how excited I was after move-in. I was going to events, meeting people, doing new things, and thinking “I don’t get what the big deal is, this is so easy.” Then classes were added to the mix. Being homeschooled our whole lives we didn’t really have the whole being on our own down pat. I mean yeah sure, we are smart, we work hard and we’re inquisitive, but that’s only a small part of what it takes in college. But I can promise you you’ll figure it out soon enough. 

Let me share some advice I can give you as someone who has quite literally been in your shoes (shoes you should throw out and swap for crocs btw, they will change your life!). The first thing I can tell you is to talk to people about what you’re going through. Talk to your advisors, your professors, your friends and family. They’ve been through or are going through what you’re going through right now! They know how it feels and I promise they gave you some really good advice as well as a shoulder to cry on (much better than the trash room you’ve been hiding in to cry in now). Also, be careful what advice you do take. They had good intentions but if it feels wrong don’t do it. It may have worked for them but you’ve gotta listen to yourself and what you need.

The next thing I can tell you is that it’s not the end of the world when you get that 47 on your first math test or when you study your little mind ragged for the next one and only get a 70. You tried your absolute best and that’s really all you can do. I mean no, you aren’t going to pass the class and you ended up dropping it mid-semester, but you take it again in a of couple semesters and you end up with a grade so good you cry over how proud you are of yourself. 

Lastly, be nice to yourself. I know your first reaction is to think you need to be doing better, need to be doing more. But college is hard and believe it or not you’re doing a lot. You have to take time to yourself. You’ve got a lot of life to live and a lot of changing to do. It’s been a few years and honestly, I really don’t even recognize myself as you. I mean yeah sure, we still have a very weird infatuation with Josh Groban, but the you that you become is someone you’ll be proud of. I know right now you’re questioning even sticking around to finish your first year, but literally, as I’m writing this now, I’m thinking about the assignments we have due for our first graduate class we’re taking (yeah, a whole 33 extra credits to take baby ;)). You’re going to make some awesome friends at this school, and over the next few years you’re going to have some amazing experiences. You’ll experience so many firsts it would blow your mind if I told them to you here. Keep doing your best, keep going where you feel led, don’t settle for anything or anyone less than the unicorn of their kind and let yourself grow. Being stagnant in life is lame anyway, you’ll learn that soon enough.

All the best in the world,

You <3

Jordan Lear

George Mason University '22

Jordan is a senior at George Mason University. She's pursuing a degree in Communication with a concentration in Media Production and Criticism and a minor in Film and Media Studies. Jordan loves to hang out with her friends and try to make them laugh. She's pretty outgoing and will totally talk your ear off if you mention one of her many random obsessions.
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