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9 Romantic Activities to Do at GMU this Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day… the perfect holiday for young love to flourish on college campuses all across the country. However, as college students, it can be difficult to have an extravagant night out that our loved ones deserve. But worry not! George Mason University has plenty of low budget options right here on our campus! Opportunities for romance are all around us, if we just look hard enough! Via Giphy

1. Eat at Ike’s

Nothing says romance like being surrounded by a bunch of freshmen and getting diarrhea an hour after eating!

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2. Go to a GMU basketball game

This is a great option if you want a more intimate setting, as it’s likely you will be one of the few people there.

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3. Try to find a parking spot together

This is an ambitious option, as the date will probably last a few hours. It may be more appropriate if you have been with your significant other for a while.

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4. Go to class together

Nothing says a healthy relationship like not leaving your significant other’s side as they try to pursue their professional goals.

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5. Listen to the preacher at North Plaza

Apparently we are all going to hell, but at least you can spend eternity with your S.O.

Via Wifflegif

6. Take a ride on Campus Drive

Admire the beauty of never ending construction.

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7. Have a picnic at Mason Pond

Enjoy the charm of polluted water with a suspicious aroma emanating from it. Via gmucampus.wordpress.com

8. Rub the George Mason statue’s foot

If you’re spending your Valentine’s Day on campus, you’re going to need some extra luck.

Via Giphy

9. Then step on the plaque

Because we’re all going to die alone anyway.

Whether your single or in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, remember to take time to appreciate the people around you that make day to day life on campus a little more tolerable. Good luck out there Patriots!


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