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8 Familiar Phrases if You’re the Mom of Your Girl Gang

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at George Mason University chapter.

Every squad has one. The mom of the group is the BFF who’s always more prepared than a Girl Scout and ready to shower her friends with love. If any of these sound familiar then ~SURPRISE~ you’re it.

“Hold on, I have some in my purse!”

If you’re the mom of the group, you’re always prepared and everyone knows it. From the contents of a small pharmacy to tissues, band-aids, snacks and bobby pins, you’ve got your squad covered.

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“Can you hold this?”

You have a big purse to carry all of the necessities and don’t mind shoving a few extra things in there when your BFF’s need an extra hand.

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“I need advice…”

After a long venting session or a particularly rough day, they know you’re the one who will genuinely listen and support them. You’re also the go-to when they have a life crisis or question their major for the fourth time this semester. You’re only a phone call away and can be there in 10 with chocolate.

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“Can you go ask?”

Sometimes social anxiety gets in the way and that’s totally okay. You’re always willing to ask the embarrassing questions or make special requests on behalf of the squad. One sauce limit for your BFF’s chicken tenders at your fave restaurant? I think not.

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“Don’t laugh at me, but…”

You’re a wealth of knowledge and, worst case, you’re great at googling. Everyone assumes you’ve got adulting figured out and they come to you about questions from bodily functions to taxes and everything in between. BTW yes, you should definitely go to the doctor if you’ve been sneezing and coughing nonstop for two weeks. I don’t have anything in my purse to fix that.

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“Can you help me?”

If you’re not answering a question, you’re sitting down with your BFF to tackle her resume or write out the perfect email to a difficult professor. Can’t get the packaging off your new foundation bottle? Hold on, I may actually have something in my purse for that.

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“I am SO proud of you!”

*Cue Amy Poehler’s Mean Girls dance* When someone you love is absolutely ~killing it~ at life and scores their dream internship or aces their midterm, you are right there to cheer them on. Everyone needs a pep talk or a round of applause and it’s your specialty.

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“You deserve better.”

Remember when you were younger and your mom was usually the best judge of character when you brought people over? Being the mom of the group is no different and you’re always ready to remind your BFF’s that they deserve the world. Fuckboys will *NOT* be tolerated.

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Every girl gang needs a mom, collegiettes. Who else would lend you their sweater when you’re freezing because your coat would “ruin the outfit?”

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Courtney Boone

George Mason University '18

Courtney is a senior at George Mason University studying forensic psychology and criminology. She serves as Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus George Mason and is also a Her Campus National Chapter Advisor. She graduates in December of 2018 and will be starting her Master's in Criminal Justice this spring at Mason. The motto she lives by: "Put your hair up in a bun, drink some coffee and handle it."