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7 Urban Dictionary Words That Sum Up The College Experience

By: Hannah Kanfer

It’s almost the end of the semester, which means it's a time to reflect on the college experience. If any friends or family members ask how college has been going for you, I’ve collected 7 colorful words to add to your vocabulary to really help capture your time at school.

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1. Sexiled 

Definition: when you cannot go in your room because your roommate is having sex

Example: “man, i'm sexiled for the whole night, can i crash at your place!”

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2. Exting 

Definition: "exting" or "ex-ting" is when you get stupidly drunk and start texting your ex girlfriend or boyfriend because it seems like the best idea in the world.

Example: "o shit dude i think you went on an exting rampage last night" :(

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3 . Sniff Test

Definition: To test if an item of already worn clothing is suitable to wear out. Common amongst students who can't be bothered to do their washing.

Example : Friend1:”Hey man can't you just wear those boxers? “

Friend 2: "(sniff test) yeah i can get a couple more uses out of those”

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4.  F.I.N.A.L.S

Definition: Fuck I Never Actually Learned Shit; often used by college students during finals week.

Example: Student: "I have F.I.N.A.L.S. this week so I'm stressing out and studying/learning everything."

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5. Mreakfast 

Definition: A meal eaten around the hours of 3-4 AM, halfway between what would typically be a midnight snack and breakfast. May replace both meals.

Example: While pulling an all-nighter for their exam the next day, Sam and Jim ate mreakfast at the library.Via Pixabay

6. College

Definition: an expensive daycare

Example : ”I owe Wells Fargo my first born so I can pay off my loan."

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7. Finals week

Definition: A state of purgatory in which the whole school is either cramming or having a panic attack. Particularly bad for students who are done with finals but are still waiting to go home. Antonyms include Syllabus Week.

Example : Me: "Hey brah, wanna get trashed?"

Friends: "Can't man it's Finals Week, I have to learn 16 weeks of economic theory, write two anthropology essays, and read the whole psych textbook for Thursday."

Hopefully these come in handy at some point during your break. I know I can’t wait to learn more words next semester!


*All definitions are Urban Dictionary 


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