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7 Free Resources for You On Campus

Tuition is expensive. Like, really expensive. Thankfully, the cost of your tuition covers more than just your classes. Here are six free resources that are included in your tuition at Mason. It’s time you start making the most out of what you’re paying! 

1. Microsoft Office

Don’t waste your money buying Microsoft Word. Mason provides it–along with the rest of the Microsoft Office products such as Excel and Powerpoint–for free! Instructions to download can be found here

2. STAR Lab 

STAR (which stands for Student Technology Assistance and Resource) Lab offers video equipment for rental up to six hours per day. They also have a small production space available for students to shoot in. On top of that, STAR Lab has a computer lab space installed with certain programs such as Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop CC, Indesign CC, and more! It is located on the second floor of the Johnson Center. 

3. Lynda.com 

If you don’t already know, Lynda is a website with thousands of tutorials ranging from business skills, photography basics, music editing, and more! Simply follow these instructions to start. 


CAPPS is the Counseling and Psychological Services at Mason. They offer different workshops that include group and individual therapy appointments. Their office is located in SUB 1. I would highly recommend dropping in to see what other events they might be hosting in the coming weeks! You can also find a variety of resources found on their website

5. The New York Times

All Mason students receive a complimentary subscription of the New York Times! Access can be given here

6. University Libraries

I personally feel as though Mason’s University Libraries are severely underrated! Before you buy any textbooks or required readings this semester, I highly recommend checking to see if they’re available on the University Libraries website

7. HBO (but only for students living on-campus, sorry) 

All students living on-campus have access to HBO GO. So now there’s no excuse for you not to watch Euphoria. Seriously. Go watch it right now. Simply go onto the HBO GO website, click “sign in,” then find George Mason University under the “select your provider” dropdown box. 

I hope you learned something new about what’s in store for you at Mason. And have fun exploring these resources, collegiettes!

Sarah Mae Dizon

George Mason University '21

Sarah Mae Dizon is a sophomore at George Mason University majoring in Communication with a minor in Social Justice and Human Rights. She is a proud Filipina-American who, in between cups of coffee, likes to write a thing or two.
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