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6 Movies You Can Watch at This Year’s Galentine’s Day Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at George Mason University chapter.

While many prepare for February 14th with red roses and heart-shaped candy, others might be eagerly awaiting a more unofficial holiday. Yes, I’m talking about the much-loved “Galentine’s Day,” which is celebrated on the eve of the holiday of love. 

Originating from “Parks and Recreation” protagonist Leslie Knope, “Galentine’s Day” celebrates female friendship with festivity and food. Whether you choose to commemorate “Galentine’s” with dinner, mani-pedis, or a night out, there’s no better occasion to arrange a get-together with your closest girlfriends.

If you’re opting to stay in this year, you may find yourself searching for a fitting movie to conclude a night of celebration. Look no further, as I have compiled a brief list of chick-flicks (both popular and more underrated) that are sure to be a hit with your party guests.

1. “Love, Rosie” (2014)

“Love, Rosie” is an enthralling will-they-won’t-they romance between best friends Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin). Spanning years of their lives, this film chronicles the pair’s unbreakable bond through missed chances, maddening misunderstandings, and unexpected events that alter the course of both of their lives.

2. “About Time” (2013)

Perhaps one of the most underrated films on this list, “About Time” follows Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), a man bestowed with the extraordinary gift of time travel. Upon discovering his ability to reverse time, Tim is determined to win the heart of Mary (Rachel McAdams) by turning back any mistakes he makes in his efforts to woo her. However, Tim soon learns that messing with time may have far more repercussions than he initially imagined.

3. “Valentine’s Day” (2010)

This movie is practically a staple of a proper Valentine’s Day celebration. With an all-star cast — including the likes of Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey, Taylor Swift, and Bradley Cooper — this film follows multiple interconnected love stories over the course of a single Valentine’s Day. 

4. “The Notebook” (2004)

Talk about the most fundamental of chick-flicks. This beloved tale chronicles the turbulent love story of Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams), two young people from very different worlds. Sprawling decades of separation and reconciliation, their love story remains undeniably epic and heartrending.

5. “Maid in Manhattan” (2002)

Another more underrated selection, “Maid in Manhattan” follows Marisa (Jennifer Lopez), a housekeeper in an extravagant, five-star hotel. When she crosses paths with wealthy Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), he mistakes her for just another guest at the hotel. Marisa is suddenly whisked into the charade of a fake identity as she begins to fall for an unsuspecting Christopher.

6. “The Princess Diaries” (2001)

A childhood favorite for so many, “The Princess Diaries” follows awkward teen Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway), who is shocked to learn from her estranged grandmother (Julie Andrews) that she is actually the princess of a small European nation. As she begins “princess lessons” with her elegant grandmother, Mia undergoes a noticeable physical transformation that forces her to reconcile with the entirely different treatment she receives from her high school peers.

Well, there you have it, collegiettes! May your Galentine’s celebration be full of friends, fun, and above all, plenty of group movie commentary.

Marissa Joyce

George Mason University '22

Marissa is currently a senior at George Mason University and serves as Senior Editor of George Mason's Her Campus chapter. At Mason, she is pursuing a double major in English and Communication. When Marissa isn't writing articles, she can be found over-caffeinated, tackling her extensive library of books, or curating her vinyl record collection.