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5 Things to Look Forward to This Semester at Mason

Whether you are new to Mason, or have been here for a while and can’t wait to leave, you can’t deny that there is always something to look forward to around campus. From concerts and raffles, to new additions to campus, Mason is buzzing with excitement, especially during the Spring semester. Here are 5 things to look forward to at the start of this new semester.

1. Events at the Eagle Bank Arena and the CFA

This is more of an all-year round thing for students at Mason to enjoy. However, it was announced earlier this month that GMU Student Involvement was bringing Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show, to the Center for the Arts on April 21st. Tickets went on sale on the 24th, but students may still be able to snag a pair.

The Eagle Bank Arena also hosts loads of other artists, events, and shows.

2. Mason Homecoming

Since Mason does not have its own official football team, we root on our basketball teams, so our Homecoming festivities don’t come around until February. However, Homecoming week tends to be one of the most festive and fun events throughout the year. Many of the organizations come forward with giveaways, events, and games. This year, Mason’s Homecoming Week is from February 6th through the 11th, so keep an eye out, collegiettes!

3. Mason Day

Mason Day is a free event for GMU students hosted in one of the lots on campus. This is essentially our “Founder’s Day”, meant to honor our namesake, George Mason. Over the years, Mason Day has transformed into a fun event, full of good music, food, and rides! Students can enjoy shaved ice, funnel cakes, and other treats while in line for all of the carnival attractions set up in the lot. The celebration is usually held some time in April, to celebrate the drawing end of the semester. In the past years, GMU has hosted artists such as Jesse McCartney and Juicy J to headline the events of Mason Day.

4. International Week

Also referred to as “iWeek”, International Week is packed with celebrations to honor and show off the diversity among the student body and faculty at Mason. Hosted by the Office of International Programs and Services, iWeek features a parade through campus, colorful flags hung up all over the JC, and great shows and events run by student organizations.

5. New additions to campus

The constant construction on campus pays off at Mason. With the new Health Sciences Building on the edge of campus coming toward its completion, students can look forward to a whole new facility, as well as the absence of loud noises and large cranes on campus (Residents of Rogers and Whitetop Halls are sure to appreciate that one)

Additionally, Mason Dining announced earlier this school year that a Dunkin’ Donuts would be opening near Tidewater in late Spring 2017. Hopefully set to open just in time for finals week, this new addition to campus will bring donuts, smiles, and delicious iced coffee. Sorry JC Panera, but you can’t have all the love.

Have a good spring semester, collegiettes! 

Nancy Nyamaa

George Mason University '19

Nancy is currently a senior at George Mason majoring in communication (concentration in journalism) and minoring in conflict analysis & resolution. She's passionate about true crime podcasts, baking, and editing. After she graduates she hopes to pursue a career in journalism and eventually go to grad school.
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