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The best feeling— shopping around, finding the perfect pair of shoes and then styling them with an already pre-thought out look. Honestly, therapeutic. BUT, if you don’t know some shoes to buy to broaden your shoe closet, here are some that are perfect staples to welcoming new looks to your closet.

1. A classic boot

For the colder seasons, you need to have some sort of boot that compliments your style. This will quickly become a staple item in your closet and the best part is if you spurge a bit on the boots, they’ll last you lifetime. They come in a variety of different styles so whether you get platforms, chelsea boots or a mix of the two, just make sure they fit into your aesthetic. Also take into consideration color, material, and prints as these, too, are great ways to broaden your horizons and make a statement in your outfits!

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2. Flexible sneakers

It’s time to bring back the casual sneaker into everyday fashion and keep it to stay! Without question, you need one pair of dressable sneakers— not just the pair you wear to go to the gym. Some casual sneakers can be chunky, more street-stylish, or whatever is most comfortable for you. Let us never forget that casual style IS comfortable style. Again, color is a great way to make a real statement here or you can just stick to the neutrals to make them versatile to any look. 

3. Comfortable heels

You need a heel of some sort for that night out, no doubt. Obviously, there’s a large array of heels but what’s important is finding one that is comfortable and walkable in because we are NOT talking off the heels no matter what happens by the end of the night. For basics, stick with black or nude but again, anything can be jazzed up to take a double take so look into what details, materials, or colors finish your closet perfectly!

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4. Flats

For those who want to skip out on heels and just for the days that heels are not the move, flats are a great substitute for dressy looks. And the best part is you can get all the fun stuff that you would get with the heel without the actual pain of walking in a heel! Pointed flats are my personal favorite but honestly any flat that makes my life easier is a good one in my book!

5. Midloafers 

Last but definitely not least is my new favorite, the midloafer. Everyone should have a pair simply for one reason: they’re cute; and make you look like you’re trying without actually trying. A timeless classic, they bring the perfect vintage feel to outfits that are more “in-style”, giving you a great contrast of all the best pieces across the years. 

So if you needed another sign to give into retail therapy, this is it! Happy shopping, collegiettes.

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