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4 Ways Second Semester Seniors Are Like Freshmen

As second semester seniors, we are more than ready to finish our final minimum credits and get out of here. We are so far removed from our initial days as college students; or are we? The girl in her pajamas counting out five dollars in change in front of you in the Panera line could either be a freshmen or a last semester senior, they’re basically the same species. What else do newbies and veterans have in common?

1. Social circle

The amount of people you seem to “know” on campus seems to be infinite but yet the individuals you choose to link up with consist of the same 4-8 solid contacts. As a senior, you’ve met so many people through the years thanks to sharing recurring classes, going to your favorite frat house every weekend, and following WAY too many people on instagram. While you know these people and probably even have had a few good times here and there, you’re ready to settle down with your much tighter squad. As a freshman, on the other hand, you know so many faces and maybe names as well; friends from orientation, the group of people that let you sit with them at Southside the first week of school, and you’ve become friendly with most of the people in your building. Again, when it comes down to who you’re making plans with you’re definitely going to stick with your roommate and your two bffs. You still have so much venturing out to do in the next four years.

2. Sleep

What is sleep? You’re a freshman in college and no one told you an 8am is not a good idea, not to mention you spend every evening exploring campus with your new friends or watching movies until 1am with your floormates. Second semester for seniors should be a smooth ride, but instead homework, job applications, grad school applications, searching for affordable apartments, Thursday night drinks, and contemplating your future leave little time for a nice 8 hour slumber.

3. Priorities

You’ve come full circle and returned to eating ramen for nostalgia as college senior. Going out is much more important than a well balanced meal, right? At some point in the semester you will probably tell your parents you need money for textbooks which will actually wind up being spent on a concert you can’t turn down or a “much needed” shopping spree. As a freshman, you’ve got memories to make and assignments that you can get away with doing later. As a senior, this is your final chance to be slightly irresponsible before being thrust into the real world of bills, early bedtimes, and consequences. So many things to do (for the first or last time) and so little, well, time. Every weekend is important and must be taken advantage of to it’s full potential. Pro tip: time to get a planner.

4. Your future is undeclared

Whether we are speaking figuratively or literally, you either have a set in stone plan or the future looks differently depending on the day. Some freshmen declare their major immediately first semester while others wait until they find something that piques their interest or change their mind a few times. As a senior, you may already have your post-grad internship locked in or you may be stressing over the decision of grad school versus a gap year. Either way, we are both in a position where one door is closing and another will be opening shortly to a future full of new surprises and decisions ahead. The next four years are critical and most influential for both parties.

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