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4 Things All George Mason Students Should Be Thankful For

‘Tis the season to be thankful, giving, and embrace one another’s warmth. As we prepare to take a short break to either go home, travel somewhere nice (and hopefully warm), or just enjoy the quietness of campus, let’s reflect on our Mason-associated appreciations.

1. GMU’s unique location

We are definitely thankful for all of the geographical perks of attending Mason. Of course, being close to D.C. is one of the main selling points, but there are so many other attraction spots, shopping destinations, and genuinely nice towns to visit. An added perk is the smooth convenience of transportation to get to most places via metro, bus, or car.

2. The new section of Fenwick

With finals quickly approaching, we will be getting very familiar with the library and/or JC study areas. Times like these, we are so thankful for our fairly new and comfy Fenwick library. Bright colors, plush chairs, and inspiring lighting were all worth the wait.

3. Mason-Secure

Since Mason’s campus is our main hub of studying as well as down time, we rely heavily on its internet connection. This semester, the wifi has definitely stepped it’s game up in consistency. During this Thanksgiving break, we will cherish the time away from classes and even more so the (slightly more) reliable wi-fi we will have at our parent’s house.

4. GMU’s diversity

We are also thankful for Mason’s diverse and inter-supportive community. Now more than ever after recent world events the support networks at GMU are alive and thriving. It is extremely comforting to know that so many of us can feel safe, represented, and heard right on our very own campus. Our school continues to have open arms of support between different cultural associations, student organizations, and faculty.

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