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3 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a bad habit of putting things off. My theory is I do my best work under pressure, but deep down, I know I’m just a procrastination queen. Now that we’re down to the Halloween wire, I have a feeling there’s still a handful of you collegiette’s who need a last minute costume idea. Never fear, we’ve got you covered! Here’s three looks you can put together last-minute with things you already have (or can pick up from your local convenience store).


I know, not the most original costume, but you can never go wrong with a scary costume on Halloween. Plus, you can make this look as scary or as sexy as you want. You should already have everything for this costume; just pick up a tube of cheap, fake blood. Dress in all black, and do a heavy, black, smoky eye. Skip under eye concealer; vampires don’t sleep! Use a dark red lipstick, and then take your black eye shadow on a lip brush and shade the outer corners of your lips for a vampy look. Finish off by applying the fake blood on the sides of your mouth. Make the look even scarier by adding the blood on your neck and arms. Extra points if you get your hands on some fangs!


This costume is one of the easiest to re-create. For a teacher, just dress up in your favorite presentation outfit, grab an apple, and put on your reading glasses. Create a topknot bun, and stick a pencil through the center. Make the costume sexier by wearing fishnets and red lipstick. Done and done. For a cute, nerdy look, rock a plaid button-up, khaki shorts, knee-high socks and glasses. Rock your hair in pigtails, and grab your backpack to complete the costume.


I know most of you have a pair of cat ears lying around, and if not, go to any store this time of year to pick up a pair. Wear your favorite cheetah print shirt and black leggings. Take the look one step further by drawing on cheetah spots on your cheeks and forehead. Just use a bronze eye shadow to make the spots, and then outline them randomly with black liquid liner. Use your shirt as a guide to make the spots look real. Then use that same black liner to draw on a nose and whiskers. This costume is great because it amps up the basic college-girl costume and makes it suitable for a collegiette.

Don’t skip that Halloween party because you waited until the last minute to make your costume. Improvise with what you’ve got, and you can come up with just about anything!

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