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We all know those classic love songs everybody can sing along to, like Elton John’s “Your Song” and “My Girl” by The Temptations. But there are a gazillion more love songs out there that should be just as popular. Here are 11 of my favorite love songs that I think more people should know!

1. “A Sunday Kind of Love” by Etta James

This song is about wanting a relationship with somebody that will last past a Saturday night hookup because it’s true love. It’s about craving a long term relationship that feels easy. Anybody who’s a hopeless romantic will definitely feel seen with this song. The version of this song sung by John Lloyd Young in the “Jersey Boys” film is the version I originally heard and it’s just as fantastic as Etta James’.

2. “Beat of the Music” by Brett Eldredge

Let me start by saying Brett Eldredge has a plethora of underrated love songs, so I highly recommend you go check out his stuff if you’re interested in hearing more. But “Beat of the Music” is my absolute favorite of his. I might be biased because I saw him in concert when he performed this song and I remember it being such a fun performance. This song is about meeting somebody by random chance while you’re on vacation and then falling in love while dancing with them. Conceptually, it doesn’t sound like the greatest song ever but trust me, it’s definitely worth the listen. 

3. “Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell

Upon my first listen, this song struck me as kind of odd. I didn’t totally understand the storyline of it. However, after going back and reading the lyrics along with learning Jason Isbell’s story with the song, I instantly started to love it. “Cover Me Up” is a very personal song about Isbell falling in love with his wife, Amanda Shires. It’s a very vulnerable and raw song that I think anyone can appreciate. 

4. “Head Over Boots” by Jon Pardi

This song takes a country music twist on the phrase “head over heels.” Jon Pardi sings about a couple who just fit so perfectly together. They were practically made for each other, so the guy is falling head over boots for her. Rhythmically, “Head Over Boots” is my favorite on this list. Plus, I’m a sucker for songs that talk about growing old together. 

5. “Heart By Heart” by Demi Lovato

Originally made for “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” soundtrack, many fans of Demi Lovato may not know this song. When this song came out, I was in the peak of my Demi Lovato phase and I was also a big fan of this movie, so I was bound to love it. If you believe in soulmates, then this song is definitely for you! Also, in true Demi fashion, her vocals are killer on this song, so that alone should be enough for any of her fans to go check it out. 

6. “Heartbeat” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is famous for her outstanding murder ballads, such as “Church Bells” and “Two Black Cadillacs.” Anytime we get a sweet, wholesome love song from her, I love it. This song feels so intimate to me like we’re getting an inside look into the type of love we all want to have. 

7. “I Got Away With You” by Luke Combs

If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of “I Got Away With You” upon my first couple of listens of the album. But now, I adore this song. It’s slower than some of Luke Combs’ other songs, which was why I was hesitant to like it at first. However, the slowness works really well for it. Combs has released many songs to the radio as singles, but this was not one of them, making it very underrated. 

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8. “I Think I’m In Love” by Kat Dahlia

Anybody who’s a fan of “I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)” from “Hercules” will be a fan of this song. Kat Dahlia’s “I Think I’m In Love” is basically the modern day version of it. As somebody who has trouble actually articulating how I feel, I really relate to this song. It’s about a girl who is falling in love with a boy but she doesn’t want to admit it to herself or to him either. I’ve had this song on my playlist for years now, and I don’t think I’ve met anyone else who has ever heard it before.

9. “Just Wanna Be With You” from “High School Musical 3: Senior Year

“High School Musical 3” is hands down the best “High School Musical” film. End of discussion. I’ve gotten a newfound appreciation for “Just Wanna Be With You” as I’ve gotten older. This song is all about wanting to be with somebody no matter what life throws at you, and I think that is just so sweet. Also, the scene where this song is sung towards the end of the film is one of the best scenes in the entire franchise. 

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10. “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” by Jordan Davis

“Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” was very popular–and still is–on country radio, but I’m not sure that it ever made its way into more mainstream music. Jordan Davis’ music isn’t overly yeehaw, so you can listen to it even if you aren’t a fan of country music. When I first heard “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” last year, I thought it was one of the most romantic songs. It feels so real. It serves to show that as long as you’re with the one you love, then anywhere can be the most romantic place on Earth.  

11. “Stay Stay Stay” by Taylor Swift

How could you make a list of love songs without including the queen of love songs herself, Taylor Swift? “Stay Stay Stay” is my personal favorite. Back in elementary school, I went through the I-don’t-like-Taylor-Swift phase (I’m embarrassed to admit it) but I could find nothing to dislike about this song. It might just be the catchiest one on this list. 

There you have it, collegiettes. Hopefully you’ve found some new love songs to add to your playlists this Valentine’s Day season!

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