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10 Ways To April Fools Your Professors

Towards the end of the semester there’s always relentless amounts of in class presentations, exams, excessively long proposal, research, or analytical papers and worst of all group projects. For some reason spring semester seems so much shorter than fall semester too and with warm weather only a few steps away studying seems impossible. However in the middle of this chaotic semester is a bright light of opportunity-April Fools Day. This year take the day to get back at your professors with these very harmless (but hilarious) and utterly satisfying pranks.

No Sound 

Head in to class a little early and turn off the sound on every technological device. Then when class starts and the professor begins to ask questions everyone who answers should mouth the words so the professor believes he or she can’t hear anything. This prank takes cooperation from the entire class.



Set Clocks Ahead

Go into class a little early and set all the clocks ahead an hour or two so that the professor believes he or she is running behind.

Really Personal Phone Call

If you have a professor who is a stickler about phone calls and forces you to answer your phone calls on speaker in front of the class  then have one of your friends call you with some very personal news regarding health, a family member or just something that you know will make everything extremely uncomfortable. We die laughing at this classic April Fools video that went viral last year. 

Cardboard Crazy

Go into class early and cover everything with cardboard from the monitor to the keyboard and even the computer mouse. If you’re feeling ambitious then why not go for the board, the desk chair or even the entire desk. 

Classic Whoopee Cushion

I don’t think I really need to explain this one, but one piece of advice I have is to paint or tape the whoopee cushion so it blends in with the chair.

Air Horn Under Chair

Duct tape an air horn underneath your professor’s desk chair so that when your profesor sits down he or she is in for a loud suprise.

Jell-O Everything

Buy some old computer parts from Good Will or the Thrift Store and set them in Jell-O overnight. Go into class early and replace all the desk supplies with the Jell-O desk supplies to really shake things up in class.

Sticky Note Under Mouse

Put a sticky note or tape a piece of paper underneath the computer mouse so that the mouse won’t move on the screen.

Voice Activated Sign

Go into class early and hide the mouse and keyboard. Place a sign reading: “This machine has been upgraded to a voice activated machine. Speak your name and G-Number in order to log in.” 


May the odds of this semester be in your favor and remember all is fair in April Fools pranks.


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