Add these 5 Songs in 5 Different Languages to your new Study Music Playlist

Welcome back to school everyone!

I know it's been a few weeks but here we are, in the midst of tests, assignments, and case studies. Every program is different, but rigorous in its own way. Some students are even back in our college, trying to cope with physical and social distancing measures. Meanwhile other students are sitting in their cozy bedrooms, attending class virtually and perhaps binging on Netflix here and there. 

It’s great to enjoy yourself for once. Yes, school is stressful and deadlines come one after the other, but our self-care is more important. We need time to relax mentally, and enjoy our learning process physically. Fortunately, we can always find ourselves zoning out of this world through music. Ready to tune in? Here are five tracks - in five different languages, you should check out while studying: 






  1. 1. "Cardigan" by Taylor Swift


    Honestly, I was so excited when Taylor Swift announced that she will release a new album. No one knew what to expect, and then, she surprised us with some nostalgia. One sneak peek into Folklore will perhaps make you travel back in time. You know, the time when Taylor Swift actually sang country songs and made Romeo and Juliet more than a cheesy Shakespeare story. With that being said, "Cardigan" is definitely the song that you should be studying to. The melodies are not-so distracting and the tune is perfect for easing those nerves. 

  2. 2. "Tong Hua" by Michael Wong

    I honestly had no idea of Mandarin pop music until my friend introduced me to this song, and to be honest,saying that I fell in love with the song is an understatement. It literally just sums up what a love life should be - just like a fairytale. For those who want to learn some Chinese words and enjoy a romance novel, click on the link above and start listening.

  3. 3. "Moyo Serdtse" (My Heart) by Kitay

    Okay, I know all of us might be over our emo phase but why not listen to a peaceful song? Indeed, breakups do suck and unfortunately, they are inevitable in life. However, we all go through emotions with love… and with school… so we need a song that is relatable to us. This is the one song that I find relatable, but your preferences may be different. Nevertheless, give it a shot.

  4. 4. "Ta Reine" by Angèle

    French classes in high school were boring but they are useful in this moment, maintenant. Whether you are studying for your next language exam or trying to imagine a vacation in Paris, perhaps try listening to "Ta Reine". The peaceful tune and rhythm will definitely carry your mind away from those deadlines.

  5. 5. "Kataomoi" by Aimer

    For those who still want a song with a poppy rhythm and a classical-country vibe, "Kataomoi" may be the song you are looking for. Sung by Aimer, a Japanese-pop artist, the single is ranked 82 on Billboard. If you’re on the bus during rush hour, pop up some earbuds and the calming tune of the song will surely block off the chaos. 

    Now, you made it to the end of the list. As the school year starts to consume us with more homework, keep in mind that everyone has those ‘freak out’ and ‘full-on’ panic moments. However, take a deep breath, grab your earbuds, search up one of these songs, and trust your gut feeling that you will make it.

    You got this!