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4 Designers and Brands Striving to Promote Body Positivity

By: Claire Hung


Nowadays, everyone is trying to maintain an active lifestyle. Many are changing their behaviours in order to look “attractive” and fit into certain garments. However, the fashion industry is responding to these changes by becoming more inclusive; designers are promoting the concept of body positivity, which encourages everyone to embrace their own beauty. 

Many brands are expanding their collections with models who have different body lines and curves. Clearly, thinner does not necessarily mean better — we have moved on from that perception. With that being said, we need to keep in mind that sizes are only one aspect of body positivity. 

In fact, body positivity is not only about fitting in a garment, but also showing the beauty of natural bodies. Clothing does not necessarily imply beauty, but body positivity does. Today, I’m going to introduce some designers and brands that are spreading awareness about the diversity of human bodies through tailored clothing.

Mary Young

Toronto-based designer Mary Young makes every piece of clothing comfortable on natural shapes, which encourages body positivity and self-love. A selection of bras, panties, bodysuits and loungewear are fabricated with jerseys, knits and soft elastics. These fabrics are stretchable and provide comfort for different body types.


With the vision of being an alternative to fast fashion, Kuwaii is an Australian brand that produces their products locally with high quality and long-lasting materials. They consider their customer’s preferences when designing clothing. Just a quick scroll on their social media page shows that many of their products evoke natural beauty and confidence; the simple, classic silhouettes flatter on everyone with a luxurious feel.

Alice Alexander

The mission of Alice Alexander is to help the fashion industry become more inclusive of all bodies while adhering to ethical and sustainable practices. Every piece of clothing is fabricated on a made-to-order basis in the U.S. and sold directly to customers. Women of any size are able to purchase and select the product that they want. After all, fashion has no boundaries. 


Founded by Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe, Punyus produces garments with plenty of different sizes and designs. The value of this brand is to encourage every woman to be themselves and show off their own style. With a wide variety of garments, colors and prints, Punyus hopes all women can be confident in their fashion sense and embrace their own beauty.

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